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You can cut the photo into parts for Instagram through computer programs and mobile applications. Using split picture creates an endless ribbon, carousel and panorama. Depends on the number of parts the user made.

Why cut a photo on Instagram

Choosing a publication format for a social network, to the owner pages worth paying attention to the “endless ribbon.” it large image divided into nine parts. Parts are published gradually, creating a picture in the section: “My page”.

Other options for using parts of the picture:

  • make a panorama. These are two or three photos posted in carousels;
  • add to the carousel. Suitable for reviews and detailed analysis items in the picture;
  • games. The format of publications where the owner will hide any parts of the picture and ask subscribers to guess what next.

To divide a photo into 9 parts in Intagram, the user Use third-party applications and programs for the PC. With their help You can select the number of items to be created. On play Market and AppStore are available separate software products, designed specifically for the “endless tape”.

The quality of the cut parts must comply with the standard snapshot. That is, the image size is 1080×1080. Otherwise, user and profile visitors will replace pixelation, blur and general deterioration in photo quality.

How to divide a photo into 9 parts for Instagram

There are three ways to split a photo into parts for Instagram:

  1. Applications: Photo Grid and Maker for Instagram.
  2. Programs: Photoshop.
  3. Services: Imageonline.

The latter option is available both from a mobile device and from a computer. The user needs to go to the service website and download snapshot.

How to crop a snapshot into nine parts via imageonline:

  1. Go to the service – click: “Download file”.
  2. Indicate the number of parts in width and height. Cut image online for InstagramCut image online for Instagram
  3. Select a picture format after editing.
  4. Click: “OK” – get the file.

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Now images can be downloaded to a smartphone or immediately post on Instagram. To transfer pictures to your phone, use Cloud Storage with synchronization or USB cable

The second service with similar features is PostCron. Instructions on how to edit:

  1. Go to the service page – upload a snapshot.
  2. Specify the number of elements – move the cropping window.
  3. Split image – get the file.

As in the previous method, it can be shared on a computer or use the mobile version of the site.

On the computer

Using Photoshop, the user can split pictures into several parts. Quantity can be specified, regardless of image size.

How to split photos through Photoshop:

  1. Go to the program – File – Open.
  2. Tool: Frames – right mouse button – Cutting. Layout on InstagramLayout on Instagram
  3. Click RMB on the picture – Share fragment. Split fragment on InstagramSplit fragment on Instagram
  4. “Divide horizontally” and “Verticals” – indicate the quantity “3”.
  5. File – Save for.

The user indicates the location in the repository where all the files will appear. for further posting on social networks. To publish to Instagram: either use the Instagram app for Windows 10, or via a USB cable to a smartphone.

In addition to adding the number of elements, you can specify the sizes each part. In the section: “Cutting” together indicating the quantity, you need to enter the size parameters according to pixels.

On the phone

Using the Grid Maker app, you can split a photo into two parts for Instagram. Also available are settings for creating 6, 9 and 12 elements. Instructions on how to cut a snapshot:

  1. Download and install the application from the Play Market or AppStore
  2. Open – Select a file from the Gallery. Open Gallery in Instagram Grid MakerOpen Gallery in Instagram Grid Maker
  3. Indicate the size from the bottom (9 parts – 3 by 3). Choose size in Insta GridChoose size in Insta Grid
  4. Click: “Finish” – get the individual parts pictures on the phone.

-> Все способы монетизации Инстаграм аккаунта

All created items will appear in the Mobile Device Gallery, where they can be published to the page. In the application settings you can specify which parts to keep. On the page “Save”, above each digit is still one field for marks. Having selected, the user will receive only the necessary parts of the picture.

Without selection, all elements will be saved. In Camera Roll they appear in order: at the beginning the first picture and the ninth – last one.

How to post 9 parts of a photo on Instagram

If the user shared photos on the phone, then the parts will be arranged in order: starting with the first. This means that and post on Instagram you need to from the lower right edge. If before adding there were no other pictures in the profile – pictures will be placed in the video single image. It is advisable that the amount previously posted the posts were even and did not interfere with the new ones, in the form of “endless” Tapes.

How to upload photos to Instagram:

  1. Go to Instagram – log in.
  2. Create a publication – choose the first from the Gallery cropped image.
  3. Place on page.

Photos can be published all at once or gradually post each element, 3 or 6 elements. Cut photo into parts in Instagram and post it is possible and through standard functions applications. When saving, the inscription appears: Share and Instagram icon.

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