Splitting a photo into parts for Instagram will help Instagrid


Instagrid is a simple and convenient application, to cut the photo into parts for Instagram. What for it is necessary? Many people like what a profile looks like when download the pieces. You can make a very stylish page. Besides of this, Instagrid will help you do the installation yourself – it remains only to find or draw and invent an image The necessary text to describe the posts.

Download Instagrid from the application store, install yourself to the phone. At the first entrance, it will ask you to add a picture, which you want to cut into several parts for Instagram. You can choose from the gallery of the phone or using the explorer.

How to split a photo into parts for Instagram

Next, select the area of ​​the photo you want cut. And then set how many pieces you need split image. There are many options: 3 pieces per line, square from 9 mini-pictures and so on.

Cut the picture into pieces for Instagram

After you select the number of pieces, the application beat the photo and provide all the parts for download or further publication on Instagram.

Instagram will break the photo into pieces for Instagram

Post each photo in stages (the main thing here is not to make a mistake, which what follows), and Instagram will even tell you which one send to tape first, which second, etc.

Instagrid is a free app, so it has ads, be ready. But using it is very easy.

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