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How to add text on photos for InstagramLately in Useful accounts have become popular on Instagram – pages that bloggers are on a topic where you can do something learn to. In order not to get confused in a lot of information and find something specific, bloggers began to add pictures heading labels. But how do they do it?

To add an inscription on a photo on Instagram, you need to use some special application for these goals. For example, the most popular is Textagtam. let’s consider how to use it to write text on a photograph and put the result in a tape.

You can easily download textgram in your application store. The first step is to create a new project.

Textagram application

Now you can start working. You can post your photo both throughout the region and not (for example, it can be drive some geometric figure). I decided to take my photographing the entire area.

The text on the picture for Instagram is very simple to add. Click below on the “test” and enter the name of your publication.

How to add text on photos for Instagram

In general, the application can do a lot more. Text in Textgram You can select an area, change its size, font. Can pass images through filters, add glare to the picture, emoticons. But don’t get carried away.

How to write text on Instagram photos

It’s also an important feature of Textagram – you can save projects. Every time you don’t have to choose the font of the text, its size, color. All these settings can be saved as a project, open him every time and change only the phrase itself. Projects will help Keep your Instagram profile in the same style.

Textgram is a simple and intuitive application. I think with his help you can easily write a post title on your photo Instagram.

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