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Write a sales post on Instagram without preparation and knowledge marketing is almost impossible. When planning the structure the text takes into account the interests of buyers, the subject of the page and promotion features.

The basic principles of selling posts on Instagram

It is possible to increase sales on Instagram through text if the description was made taking into account the nuances: page theme, audience preparedness for advertising, geo, age and gender affiliation.

What should be the selling text for Instagram:

  • informative. Answer consumer questions, talk about product or service in detail;
  • interesting. Humor and unusual facts that will help the buyer remember the sentence and return to it again;
  • structured. Have subtitles and lists;
  • decorated. Emoticons, attractive image and heading.

To write a selling text on Instagram, you need to come up with catchy headline. Using applications for design and creation paragraphs, the user will be able to separate the title from the rest. Readers will pay attention to the first phrase, which should entice and influence further reading.

Interesting and enticing headline

Writing selling posts on Instagram is recommended standard font, without too much typography. That is, underline, italics, or bold – not suitable. Capitalize the name and emoticons. Emoji – make text brighter with anchors attention. ”

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How to write headers:

  • identify the main topic of the text;
  • Use news or humor
  • Interesting quotes and statistics.

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When writing headings, you can use numbers. With their help You can shorten the article, add interesting facts. For example: “5 Ways to Make Stories or 3 Secret Functions Instagram “. It’s not recommended to use even or digits for first ten.

News and accurate information helps subscribers immediately figure out what the text will be about. It is also an effect of expertise, which is needed in advertising publications.

The right photo or video for the post

Depending on the topics of selling content on Instagram, a picture is taken in a specific color, style and format clearance.

But for each advertising image there are requirements:

  • high quality. On Instagram, the preferred format is 1080 on 1980, professional shooting or mobile device with sensitive camera;
  • decor. Adding filters, correction of light and shadow;
  • logo or brand name. If it is, it is used for the corners of the picture.

For advertising campaigns also use the video to which there is additional requirement – no more than 59 seconds. If the record was not added through “Promotion” or Ads Manager, features in there’s no increase in time for a video. But for advertising posts from official community time increased by 85 seconds.

Pictures and videos must not violate community rules. Also, Pictures can be bought on the stock or made by the owner profile. Use other people’s photos without the consent of the user – prohibited by social network policies.

Interesting and credible text

Selling a product through Instagram is only possible if if the written text does not raise additional questions from consumers. This is a detailed overview of the features, benefits, and core qualities of a product or service.

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How to generate interest and trust from the buyer:

  • use real information. It must match the one which the user will receive in Direct or see on the site;
  • facts and interesting points when creating or releasing a product. Stories or funny information;
  • statistics or reviews. Real comments or suggestions from users
  • discounts and promotions. Offers to get goods or services cheaper subject to certain conditions.

Using real reviews, you need to leave a link to the author, but only with his permission. A video is also suitable for a selling post, which were filmed by customers.

How the store should be designed on Instagram for sales

For Instagram stores page design – an indicator responsibility and status. These are: design, description under each photography, breaking content, added Actual and often Updated Stories.

Write sales posts on Instagram on store accounts recommended no more than a couple of times a week. That is, the rest of the type content – entertaining or informational. These are the tips Instructions and news that do not call for a purchase.

What you can’t do on the Instagram store page:

  • speak negatively about competitors;
  • write comments in topics that are not relevant online store. That is, a work profile cannot be used, as personal;
  • Post substandard or untested content information;
  • forget about publishing for a few days.

The last point is about promotion: Instagram less often shows Group and store posts that haven’t posted entries for a long time.

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