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SPS Instagram – what is it and how to use it, in the form of a method advancement. It stands for “mention for mention.” Works in Stories and Tape, where you can mark another user.

What is SPS on Instagram – definition

The term applies to promotion and in the original sounds: “shout out for shout out “. The owner of the account that runs the SFS creates publication in Storys or Tape, indicating the rules. It could be: number of possible participants, reach of subscribers or size another page.

Potential participants unsubscribe in comments or submit a reaction to the Stories. After the right amount typed – the owner of the profile creates a publication or History, where talks about selected participants.

Possible requirements for other pages during:

  • number of subscribers. What size should the other have profile;
  • subjects. It is advisable to select thematic pages to get coverage more;
  • the term that the post in the Feed or Stories will last.

An example of SPS in IntagramAn example of SPS in Intagram

For example, the author of the SPS indicates that an advertising publication will last 24 hours in the Ribbon and after it will be deleted. Party also must post and delete it at the specified time. In fact, SFS is a voluntary and mutual PR.

Is it worth it to take part

This method of promotion has its advantages and limitations.

What will the participant and creator of SFS get:

  • new subscribers and increased reach;
  • search for interesting pages with the possibility of further mutual PR
  • comments and likes from subscribers.
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Creating SPS, you need to calculate the interests of the audience, and after that – Offer a post with mutual advertising. To calculate engagement subscribers to a similar event: you need to see how often in The tape publish similar offers. PR Game on InstagramPR Game on Instagram

The second step is to evaluate the volume of your audience and create “avatar” of potential participants. That is, it is there should be pages with the same number of subscribers and interests and notes.

It is not recommended to conduct SPS on Instagram without checking pages of other users and without confirming PR. Standard participation rules: the profile owner creates a post and already receives notifications about marks.

This format is not suitable for several reasons:

  • another ad account might just be uninteresting;
  • difference in the number of subscribers: the second profile has them smaller;
  • subjects and low coverage.

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Therefore, the rules indicate a clause on confirmation and selection possible pages of participants.

Advantages and disadvantages of promotion

SFS on Instagram – the ability to know your audience, find new interesting profiles. Thanks to this promotion format, page owner will find friendly accounts with probability regular mutual PR.

But “mention for mention” can harm coverage and blogger reputation:

  • limited selection in advertising profiles. For example, all three people responded, with a small audience;
  • the results depend on the activity of subscribers. If the post was posted at the wrong time or Instagram posted another page in the “shadow ban”;
  • a social network system can evaluate the arrival of a new audience, like a cheat;
  • you need to write interesting and enticing texts about participants.

The last paragraph refers to the fact that the author of the SPS does not always know about whom he writes. To lure subscribers, they talk about life and the activities of another person. The text should contain useful and unique information.

Of the benefits of SFS: increased coverage, signed target lecture hall. If the participant can create an interesting post – he will help in promoting the page on mutual PR.

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How to move forward through the SPS

Before starting SFS on your profile, you need to make sure:

  • The content is useful and unique. It does not repeat on others pages or at least different;
  • correctly selected visual. If a couple of posts do not fit general design – they can be hidden;
  • biography is filled and is able to interest new subscribers
  • audience size from 5000 people, of which about 1000-2000 active.

In addition to the requirements for other pages, they prepare their own profile. Publication on mutual PR is in the Ribbon or Storis until the right amount is reached. On the applications that do not meet the criteria, respond not necessary.

The conditions are specified in the post: mark through “Specify person in the photo “or sign:” @ “. The latter is used for descriptions under photography and video. Вcomparison with the standard: “Mark” – works more often, as the reader notices an active link in the text. In stories – you need a layout consisting of several 15 second videos. Point to someone else’s profile through the sticker: “Mention”.

Considering that this is “SPS on Instagram” and how to conduct it, you need to remember: such methods, unlike paid promotion, give less result. Only suitable for large blogs and communities that already have a live audience. It means that the number of subscribers is not always a criterion for choosing, but one of indicators. View your feed and comments more effectively under records, ask for a screenshot of the “Coverage” in the “Statistics”.

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