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Mega world famous Victoria Beckham was born in a family electronic engineer in Britain. Of course no one imagine couldn’t how popular their little ones will become. Victoria’s character was Forged by a difficult childhood and not much success in school. The popularity of the girl brought the group Touch, which became more known as Spice Girls. We can say that Victoria immediately became the leader of the group, as it stood out for its beauty, exquisite behavior and style.

The colossal success of the group, alas, did not help almost any of participants in solo music careers. But Victoria Beckham realized in other areas of life. Successful marriage with a football player David Beckham, successful career as a fashion designer and entrepreneur, two best-selling books published.

However, all this was absolutely optional. England is the birthplace the phenomenon of “dandy”, people from high society whose main task is to be the embodiment of style. Classic dandies are men, but times Beckham couple is a great example of modern dandies. So that now Victoria Beckham, as they say, works Victoria Beckham. She just needs to look like a style icon, but periodically remind her that she is already forty and she has four children.







Style is Victoria Beckham’s motto in everything, including own photo blog. What, what, but to create a beautiful picture she knows how. Therefore, on Instagram, Victoria Beckham has something for the eye catch on even if you’re not a fan. In the mood, her account is similar on Jessica Alba’s Instagram.

You can find the page of the gorgeous lady at @victoriabeckham. She not only demonstrates herself as a standard style, but also advertises their own creations under the dVb brand. Adoration of the style sometimes reaches the point of absurdity. It looks like this for example, a manicured dog paw. However in the world beckham such moves are in the order of things.

Of course, Victoria Beckham Instagram is active, advertising itself: solo performances and magazines with their interviews and photo shoots, and just expressive photos. Often she takes pictures and puts out numerous new things in his wardrobe. Suddenly You can see Victoria at the DJ console or in an awkward situations where the seams on the clothes.

Today Victoria Beckham on Instagram has almost two half a million subscribers who actively comment on all of her publication.

Account: @victoriabeckham

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