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I think, naturally, who doesn’t want? Especially with the introduction of a new feeds on Instagram it became clear: to be with users on first places, they need to communicate with you – like posts and left comments. Otherwise, the pipe – your publications will be in people at the very end of the tape and most of the audience they simply don’t will see.

How to make users like and write posts under your photos and videos?

1. Tip one and the easiest – deal with what you write on Instagram

Beautiful profile on InstagramUgly pictures, processed by strange filters, no one likes. Even the most they don’t comment on a beautiful picture if the author didn’t write anything in description to her.

How to attract an audience?

Lay out beautiful pictures and interesting (!!!) videos. Tip commonplace, but many neglect it. And be sure to write a text under The text is now the most important thing on Instagram! It is for him that they like, it is he who pushes to comment.

What, for example, you can write:

– An interesting story from life. People like to use Instagram. like tamogochi or another series. Talk about your life if even without humor, then be sure to sincerely! People love to give advice!

– so you can ask them for advice right in the description of photo do not be shy! But don’t ask stupid questions. Keep track of trends. Encourage discussion, for example, of new films, interesting news and events.

– write simply beautiful notes: stories, tales, poems. But not Wipe from the Internet what is already a hundred times muscled! People love works of his own composition. Though with errors, though awkward.

– provoke people to discussions. Here you need to know hot topics. For example, among mothers, these are vaccinations, breastfeeding or a mixture, joint sleep. By writing a post about this, you are almost guaranteed get comments, and people are likely to argue between yourself and with you.

– invent games and flash mobs in the comments.

2. Do not scare away interesting people!

Do not leave your comments unanswered! Be sure to chat with subscribers, provoke further conversation (so as not to limited to one message) – and the person is pleased, and you more comments.

3. In Instagram love with eyes

Therefore, you must have a beautiful / cool memorable avatar and the same easy to read memorable nickname.

4. Post publishing time still means something

Instagram post timeSince not everyone has a new one Instagram feed. By the way, they say that with the new tape time publication is taken into account. But the point is that if you post photos or videos at a certain right time, you have more chances that you will be noticed and, accordingly, comment on your post or reward like.

It is believed that the best time to publish in any social. network – it is about 11-12 days, 15-16 and 21-22. Why is this time? Explain on really easy. The lifetime of your Instagram post is somewhere around 4 hours, it is during this time that most people will see it, since she is at the beginning of the tape. Most people do not completely tape inspect, limited only to fresh posts. So, 12 days – this is idle time before lunch and lunch itself, 4 pm – this the last hours at work, usually they also spend on seats in social networks, not to work. 21-22 hours – this is the time before bedtime, when many people lie on the couch, pick up the phone and so on “rest”.

However, the audience on your profile may differ from the average. For example, the same mummies. Their activity soon all will fall during the sleep of children (after lunch and after 22). So that you need to know your subscribers or use special services that allow you to calculate the activity of your audience, if publication time is so important to you.

5. A lot of advertising in the profile – bad!

If you are an established blogger and advertise on Instagram, do not abuse advertising posts, try to write beautifully them into your notes. Otherwise, after a few promotional photos going in a row, people may simply not pay attention to your publications, or even unsubscribe.

6. Remember the topic of your page.

If your profile on Instagram is thematic, try not to backtrack on a given topic. Usually posts that are in no way related with the idea of ​​your blog, are not well received by subscribers and likes with comments gain little. Exceptions are related topics, but and then carefully! For example, you are a culinary blogger. Your audience is married women, most likely housewives who love to cook. Typically, such housewives have children. Because sometimes publish something on a children’s theme is possible.

7. Sometimes it’s useful to change the image on Instagram

A point that is slightly contrary to the previous one. Sometimes it is necessary change so that your subscribers do not get bored! Unusual posts from you can be “caught” by a flurry of comments and likes. Can change the theme of the blog, or you can style the photos and text under them. Give it a try!

In conclusion, I want to say that it is not necessary (but desirable) adhere to the rules that you have calculated above. Come up with your followers tricks, fantasize, don’t look like others, and then your notes certainly will not disappear from your feed friends and followers.

James Walls

Social Media Specialist & Influencer.

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