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The function of how to add music to Instagram story was implemented only on iOS versions of the application. Users can choose a musical composition from thousands offered, using the “Stickers”. The remaining participants are invited apps in PlayMarket stores.

Can I add music to Storys

You can add a musical composition to History in two ways. ways:

  • via Instagram on iOS, where the function is installed in the latter Updates
  • using third-party applications.

Also, the user can create a video on the computer and Transfer it to your mobile device. Official community Instagram requires users to comply with copyright. Therefore, when adding music, the page owner must indicate to whom belongs to the composition.

Add music to Storys InstagramAdd music to Storys Instagram

In the case of iPhones, attribution is not necessary. By adding music to Instagram Story via Stickers, information about copyright holder is indicated automatically. To the list available music those tracks that have been confirmed from the official representative.

Another way that is often used by bloggers and large accounts, – a screenshot of the composition from any digital player.

Adding music to a story on Android

On the Android platform, applications are proposed whose functions includes:

  • editing or editing a video;
  • work with music files of various formats;
  • overlay of sound and visual effects.

StoryBeat AppStoryBeat App

Popular and functionally beneficial is StoryBeat. With his using you can post a music video or photo on social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat. Video can be created from a number of photos in the user’s gallery.

The list of features also includes:

  • Search for music tracks in the application directory. Regularly replenished with new music;
  • add songs from the “Gallery” Phone
  • sound effects to create funny videos.

To add music to videos on Instagram, you should:

  1. Download and install the StoryBeat app from the official the store.
  2. Allow access to multimedia.
  3. Go to “Add music to photos” (first section). Add music to StoryBeatAdd music to StoryBeat
  4. Select an image or video to be uploaded music.
  5. In the image that appears, below the “+” button – select suitable option. Select a picture to publish to StoryBeatSelect a picture to publish to StoryBeat
  6. Wait for loading – click on the “Export” button – Share Video – Instagram Story. Choosing Music at StoryBeatChoosing Music at StoryBeat
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  • Powerful Instagram account upgrade

You can send the created media file to friends by specifying in the list another social network or messenger. Do not forget that Instagram story maximum length is 15 seconds.

The second equally useful video application is VideoShow: Movie maker &Editor. Full editor available on iOS and Android devices.

Adding music to a story on an iPhone

IOS platform has more features to create The story.

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To add music to your videos on Instagram, use instruction:

  1. Log in to the application.
  2. Open the Create Stories section. Add music to Instagram with iOSAdd music to Instagram with iOS
  3. Choose photo or add video – Stickers.
  4. In the list indicate “Music” – pick up any composition from the list.

Music will be added only for an interval of 15 seconds. To change the beginning or specify a different time period – you need to download the above applications. Like on Android, available editing, changing and selecting tracks from a personal list.

A popular music application where you can add music to Instagram videos are considered TikTok. With it you can record funny videos by adding soundtracks and effects.

How to add music to Storeys via computer

To work with Instagram via PC, you need a program Bluestacks It emulates Android, allowing you to play and use. mobile apps. To use, you need a new one or already Existing Google Account.

To post and create a video you will need:

  • a program where you can put music on a video sequence;
  • Bluestacks emulator;
  • Instagram and Google page.

The latest version of the emulator is recommended for downloading, designed for weak PCs or laptops.

Instructions on how to post stories:

  1. Install Bluestacks, enter data from your account in Google.
  2. In the search bar for applications find Instagram. Blustak and instagram exampleBlustak and instagram example
  3. Wait for the installation to finish, start using the shortcut on the desktop.
  4. Log in to your profile – choose “Stories”. Add Stories via BluestacksAdd Stories via Bluestacks

Placing an image or video through the emulator is not so simple. User needs Total Commander or ES File Explorer Manager With their help, you can access the photo, which are on the computer.

Having installed it, the function “Add with Windows “:

  1. Select on your computer a video or photo with music that will be published.
  2. Click “Next” – Place. Instagram through the emulatorInstagram through the emulator
  3. Indicate the option “My story” and wait downloads.

As on the mobile version, publication is available by clicking on Avatar of the owner of the page. The top of the ribbon will also appear. notification that another user has posted “History”.

Add music to a post or under a video

Using all the same editors, you can add music to the tape Instagram. You can create a video sequence for accompaniment or attach him after. Available through mobile apps and programs on a computer. In the second case, you need a USB cable through which data will be transferred to the device.

The list of popular and intuitive simple ones includes:

  • Replay For iOS devices. Besides music, you can add one of 24 filters that change the photo or video;
  • KineMaster. Repeats iMovie but is intended for Android. Of the advantages, HD image quality stands out format;
  • Action Movie F. Application for users, working with graphics and animation. Just one button to add colorful visuals, soundtracks or images.

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You can add music to Instagram post through one of the submitted applications. For professional processing computer programs are recommended.

Make music through mixers

Another way to add a music file to a video for Instagram – create your own. You can use mixers: applications, with which it is easy to remix or the whole song.

An easy way is to use Google Song Maker:

  1. Go to the service – log in to your Google account.
  2. Create a track using the main menu by placing blocks.
  3. Below are the drums and ratchets.
  4. Press: “Save” – ​​select a format.
  5. Save to computer or smartphone.

The service is available both on the phone and on the PC. User can add the created track to the video and avoid blocking due to copyright law.

VLLO app

You can add music to video through the VLLO application. In his Tasks include creating animated Storis, with different effects and transitions.

How to make a video for History:

  1. Download and install VLLO.
  2. Open – create a new project.
  3. Select a photo or video from the Gallery.
  4. On the timeline indicate: “Background music.”
  5. Select audio from the list – confirm.
  6. Save the video file to your smartphone.

Next, the video must be published on Instagram in Stories or Tape. Audio presented in the application – can be used for commercial purposes. In the majority, these are short sound effects.

Possible problems when adding music

By downloading and installing, the user must make sure that his The smartphone has enough RAM. Working out a video sequence after adding effects takes a couple seconds to several hours. Performance dependent device, operating system and selected settings.

Developers advise creating video on the latest OS versions Android and iOS.

The user will also be disappointed, because add music Under the video on Instagram, you can only with a link or an indication authorship in the description.

There is no broadcast function for recordings for publications. An example serves as the location of screenshots of your favorite musical composition or a signature containing the name. These methods show how add music to Storys Instagram, process and post with affordable technology.

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