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Summer is an active time among users of social networks. IN Photos from leisure, walks and night parties appear on the tape. Instagram post about summer is often bright, with landscapes and original processing.

What to write in a post about summer

Summer publications are often filled with positive, new ideas. For example, you can describe a summer vacation or a list of books for readings. In addition to this, they put hashtags and geolocation.

Summer post ideas:

  • walk in nature. Description of the surrounding nature, funny stories backed by photographs;
  • tips and tricks. For those who are going at sea, traveling, for girls – personal care in the summer period;
  • stories about other countries, a detailed report on Travel
  • examples of summer clothes. Various photos with summer images, a description of each separately;
  • food, macro shots and inspirational text.

Summer posting examples on InstagramSummer posting examples on Instagram

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Various emoticons are used to decorate the text description. paragraphs and signs. Suitable in specifications and lists to Highlight important points. Popular summer themes are: vacation spots, makeup and care tips, travel and price descriptions in other countries.

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Post design with a summer photo

To design a publication, you need a corresponding photo. IN Canva available bright templates, pre-installed color correction. Using VSCO add filters and change color Images.

The advantage of VSCO is that the application will select Suitable options for a specific photo.

Examples of pictures for summer publication:

  • without processing. Landscapes, green forests or Fields
  • minimal correction. City views, parks and squares;
  • processing and editing light. Selfies photos with friends;
  • patterns and labels. For recommendation posts and tips.

An example of a summer post on InstagramAn example of a summer post on Instagram

Less commonly apply filters that discolor the picture or add a black tone. Unusual color grading can be done in Instagram itself. When publishing, note: Edit and select tools for further processing.

The list of available filters is edited and changed, in depending on the frequency of use. Through function “Delete” remove unnecessary settings, leaving only important.

Reflect mood and anticipation

Separate category of posts that are dedicated approaching summer. Users pre-compile to-do lists on holidays and vacations are shared on Instagram through photos or images. For this publication format, videos are also suitable: write a message to friends, talk about preparing for the summer.

Also hashtags about sports and the right ones are becoming popular. nutrition. Before the summer season, slimming marathons are launched, describe diets and offer “personalized workout plans.”

A post about summer on Instagram is often written in a simple and easy style. Sometimes page owners leave the field altogether “Description” blank. Thus attention switches only to photos relevant to the topic and used hashtags.

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