What is a direct on Instagram?


In this article, we will collect the most common user questions, relating to what is direct on Instagram. We hope our small abstracts and links to the necessary material, they will help you.

The very first question is what is direct?

Direct on all social networks is a private message. to any user. Instagram went further – this a message can be sent not only to one person, but to the whole group of persons. It is very comfortable.

Where on Instagram is direct, how to enter it, how it look?

To get in private messages when In the main window of the application, in your feed, click on the button, which is located in the upper right corner. She looks like an envelope or a box.

Where is the direct on Instagram

You will be taken to Instagram Direct, where you can not only view all your directories, but also send a private message to any user or group of persons.

How to write direct on Instagram

How to write to direct on Instagram?

First you need to enter it (as described above). In general, this topic we have a separate large and detailed article that you can read here.

In addition, by adding a post to the feed, you can always change the status of its publication on the “hidden” and available only to some to users.

Direct on Instagram

Where on Instagram is there a direct on the computer?

I dare to upset you, but such an opportunity as seeing personal there is no message on the computer. All features in the web version truncated: you can’t send something to the feed, for example. You can only edit profile, read friends posts, send a comment.

However, some third-party services may offer you this. function. I want to warn you that when working with them, it is necessary be careful: do not enter your username and password on Instagram unverified sites, because your data may be stolen.

Personal posts on Instagram – this is very convenient. Can share information not with all his followers, but only with a few “trusted” people or even with any one user. And with as long as it became possible to send text without a picture or video, chatting has become even more convenient – you can chat with application directly, as in any other social network.

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