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“I hit the top for hashtags!”, “Hooray, I got out of the shadow ban!”, – when I see such messages, I smile. Yes, earlier it was only necessary tighten up your likes, and you are shown in the 9 best publications. Now all wrong.

Top hashtags on Instagram now for each user individual

What does it mean? Most importantly, you will always see yourself in top. Well, and rejoice. So before jumping with happiness, check from another account that has nothing to do with yours, does it this, ask for a screenshot.

Who else is there in these 9 best posts?

✅ First of all, there will be people you follow or which you have previously signed; ✅ those to whom you like and whom you commented; ✅ to whom you visited the page; ✅ to whom Your subscriptions are signed Who put likes and to whom went into the profile of your subscriptions, etc.

All these people compete with each other, and Instagram, given many parameters (how long have you been following a person, what is the coverage of his post, did you like him, etc.), shows them to you not necessarily in the order that I described higher.

Top hashtags on Instagram

How to get to the top by hashtags on Instagram?

No way. Although I’m lying, there is one way. We are recruiting 100,500 targeted active people in subscribers. We get them in the best for the target the tag they are watching. Rave? Agree.

Then another option. We make you like and go to you in profile of a large number of people. For them, you are also likely will be in the top. But this is also a dubious idea and requires too much a lot of time for yourself, it is better to do others.

How then?

Relax and work on your profile: fill it useful and interesting information, advertise, often flash everywhere.

Tags on Instagram no longer perform the functions that were before. They are even become something similar to tags in Telegram – search only by The channels and chats you are following.

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