What time to post posts in Instagram


What time to post on Instagram

Updated – January 23, 2020

To get maximum involvement in the publication should Know what time to post on Instagram.

In 2020, the most reactions were received on specific days. and even a watch.

What time to post on Instagram

The most active days for posting:

  • Monday;
  • Wednesday;
  • Thursday;
  • Sunday.

What time to post on instagramWhat time to post on instagram

On Saturday, it is better to refrain from posting. People are busy other matters.

Best time to post:

  • from 10.00 to 12.00;
  • from 19.00 to 21.00.

Instagram post at what timeInstagram post at what time

Posts get very few likes and comments at night. Necessary wait at least until 10 in the morning.

Long posts are the most effective on Instagram.

  • A photo with text is most effective.

Time for Instagram postsTime for Instagram posts

Publications with more than 1,000 characters get more all involvement.

We recommend cheating on your posts for a better result. (see the article).

The best time for Instagram posts

Conclusion: it is best to upload posts to Instagram on Monday, some intermediate day, for example, Wednesday and Sunday.

Then you can increase your reach and get to the top. Instagram.

Closer to the weekend, user activity moves from social. networks to everyday life. Especially on Friday and Saturday (you can watch activity statistics of your subscribers).

Posting posts is not effective at night, it’s best to break the day on publications: one post in the morning (hours at 11.00), the second in the evening (around 20.00).

Most likes and comments get photos with a long text. At least 1,000 characters. This is approximately 170 words.

Use time wisely and the promotion in Instagram will become easier.

Video tutorial on the topic: what time to post posts in Instagram.

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