What time to upload photos to Instagram?


Time to upload photos to Instagram is an important topic for promotion. If you make a post at a better time, then he will collect more likes and more subscribers. And it is very important for promotion and sales in Instagram.

The best time to post photos on Instagram

If you take the average temperature in the hospital (or office, which is closer), then the best time for posting on Instagram is 12, 15, 21 hours in your time zone on weekdays. Also, statistics services recommend such days of the week and hours: Monday 17-18, Wednesday and Thursday 15-16.

But people are not robots crawling Instagram according to a given schedule. People live on different continents in different time zones, work each according to their schedule and go to Instagram at different times. To collect the maximum number of likes, you need to understand when it’s your followers who go to Instagram.

What you need to do to find this is the best time for your subscribers?

If you don’t know where to start, then look at your competitors. When do they upload photos and videos? But best of all – This is to find the best time for your account yourself.

  1. Who are your subscribers (target audience) and where do they live? View their profiles manually or find geolocation of subscribers in statistics services for Instagram. For example, websta.me.
  2. Who are your subscribers (occupation)? Students, young mothers or office workers? Depends on it when they have free time. to hang on Instagram.
  3. Your subscribers flip through Instagram in their free time – in the subway, in traffic, at lunch, before bedtime. Think what time it is.
  4. Test it! Make a content plan by day of the week and publish posts at different times (think on points 1-3 and choose the best time, in your opinion). Early morning, lunch, late evening, etc. AND See when there will be more likes / comments.
  5. Make a business profile and you can see statistics – the number of views under each post and the time when the most followers go to Instagram.

Such a simple algorithm will help you find the best time. post on Instagram for your account.

How often to upload photos on Instagram

Universal advice – 1-4 posts (photo / video) per day – everyday. Break between posts – from 4 hours. But let’s think.

If you have a blog / public about cats – then find 4 posts for each the day is relatively easy. Look for pictures on the Internet, take pictures his own wallpaper devourer.

And if you have a professional doctor account? Have to do notes on topics that excite the audience, publish sketches from Professional life of a doctor doing selling posts. AND Plus, do not forget about high-quality photos. Such do content 2 times a day daily without sleep and rest not so easy. Unless you have a copywriting team.

The good news is that the more “difficult” your posts are, the less often have to do. Because for subscribers to look at the fun a picture with a cat is three seconds, and to study a useful post from a doctor on health is a long time and you need to focus. People will not study serious topics three times a day. Once a day or two is more than enough for content posts. In this case, you can alternate “cognitive” post and selling or entertaining.

Instagram video time

You can post a video to your account for 60 seconds (per post from several videos you can upload 10 of these videos, total 10 minutes), and for Instagram Stories – 10 seconds. What time is better Total?

According to statistics, the video is best watched in the evening, after 20. But consider time zones if your subscribers are from different cities and countries. And best of all, test it. Make three related videos and publish them at different times. After you see what video you watched more.

When to go live? Best of all – in the evening or in day off when subscribers have time to watch you for an hour. Make a post and invitation to Stores in advance.

the best time to post on Instagram

Example: The best time to post photos on Instagram

Of course, you just want to know what time it is best for Instagram posts. But the truth is that small effort = poor result. And as much as possible to unwind in Instagram, you need to roll up your sleeves and work. Because even if pay for the promotion of the next agency, then often you just turn on masslayk and don’t even consult on issues such as The best time to post on Instagram.

Let’s look at how to find out the time for posts using an example account selling products for children 0-3 of the year.

  1. Who are your subscribers

Moms (mostly) and dads.

2. When subscribers flip through Instagram?

Not all mothers live on the same schedule – someone has assistants, someone doesn’t. Someone works, someone not. But we need to highlight “core” – the “average” baby mom.

Such a mother does not work and she has no permanent assistants (except husband when he is not at work). Her schedule is: early in the morning raising, caring for a child and husband. Then after 8 o’clock goes to work, and the child is already fed and washed. It’s time for myself, including on social networks – from 8 to 9.

After taking care of the child and the house again, you need to take a walk and tidy up, and redo a bunch of things with the child and around the house. Following “window” for social networks in moms happens in the interval from 17 to 20 hours, before the husband comes home from work.

What about the weekend? The best time is Saturday to 12 and Sunday after 19. The rest of the time my family and I are walking, meeting with relatives, we go to cafes and cinema. And only at the end of the weekend start preparing for next week. This means that the maximum likes can be collected if you do publications in this time.

3. How many times a day do publication?

In most cases, it is best to do no more than 2 posts in day. And on weekends you can do one post. Especially if it’s informational or selling posts.

If you have an online store, you need to publish immediately many posts to show the maximum of their goods. Here the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise you will spam the entire feed to subscribers and they will begin to unsubscribe. Sometimes it’s better to make a separate account directory. In the main store account, upload a separate goods from the category (for example, “clothes for girls under one year old”), in the description of such a post should give a link to the account directory and the corresponding Hashtag (in our example, #girls of the year) – “a by hashtag #girls of the year see the entire collection. Important! Hashtag you need to come up with a unique one (which no one but you uses).

We hope that our example has helped you figure out how to determine what time to upload photos and videos on Instagram. Better you study your target audience and the more options there are try the time for the posts, the more effective the result will be your posts. They will see more potential customers, which in the result will bring you more income.

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