Where is the exit from Instagram on the computer?


Many people use Instagram on a computer, not just mobile app. From the big screen it’s convenient to view your friends posts, you can also follow, like and write comments under publications. If you have more than one profile in this social network, then you can use several accounts at once in application from the phone. On the computer, 2-3 browsers will help you, installed on the OS. Or you have to go all the time out of one profile and go into another.

To sign out of your Instagram account on computer, go to your page to start. IN In the news feed, click on the button depicting the man (the most right button near the heart).

Instagram feed

Now carefully look at your page and find the button “edit profile” (but do not click on it). You are to her right will see a button in the form of three dots (favorite image in Instagram, you probably have often seen this in the application). If you click on it, the treasured menu will appear, with which you can Log out of your Instagram account on your computer.

How to log out of Instagram on a computer

You just have to click on “Exit” or click “Cancel”, if you don’t want to go out yet.

As you can see, finding a way out from the first time is so simple. The developers hid it. But, if you know where he is, you immediately and without you will find labor. Honestly, the first time since introducing changes to the web version of Instagram, I also did not immediately find way out, I had to climb a little on the site.

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