Which phones support Instagram


On which phones can I install Instagram (Instagram)Before what to look for, where to download the Instagram app and think how perform registration in it, you need to know supports your phone Instagram or not. Remember, not all mobile devices can substitute Instagram, no matter how you want it.

Android and iOs

First of all, your phone or tablet must be based iOs operating system (you must have an iPhone or iPad) or Android (these are HTC, Samsung, Sony, LG, etc.). Remember that not all mobile devices on android will support this application, You must have an operating system higher than version 2.

Windows phone

For Windows phones full Instagram unfortunately does not exist. However a program that allows use only some features. She is called Metrogram, and she is really very truncated.

For other mobile devices, Instagram does not exist. But not worth being upset, you can always use Instagram on a computer. Using a computer, you can not only view photos from your friends and like them, but also fully register in the most popular social network in the world.

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