Who does not need to advance on Instagram


Everyone can sell on Instagram – what, right? This mantra all newly minted instamarketologists who have attended a course from BM Maybe everyone can sell, but is it profitable for everyone?

Let’s figure out who should not be sold exclusively inInstagram.

Too cheap or too expensive products / services

The main price range on Instagram is 2000-10000 rubles. Smaller – disadvantageous to the seller, more – there is no confidence among buyers.

If you are a car brand, you can create an account in Instagram to maintain the image. But you will still sell in salons (where the goods can be seen live). Or on the contrary, if you resell silicone cases on the phone with Aliexpress for 100 rubles, then it’s just not profitable for you every hundred rubles go to the post office or meet with a client personally.

do not advance on b2b instagram

B2B, 40+, very poor / very rich

Everything is clear here, focus on promoting on Instagram ineffective for:

  • B2B businessmen (they do business and do not sit in Instagram (and somehow “frivolously”), the exception is consulting services (accountants, lawyers, trainers, etc.)
  • 40+ – this age audience with social networks on “you”
  • “poor” audience (they don’t have money to buy on Instagram (Fix Price customers, for example))
  • “rich” audience (they don’t have time on Instagram, that’s all make serious purchases after personal meetings with sellers or visits to show rooms).

do not need promotion on instagram men

“Men’s” products / services

There are men on Instagram, but they are few. And those that are will not choose a new car from the pictures on Instagram.

Traditionally, “men’s” products on Instagram will sell much more complicated than, for example, through contextual advertising in Yandex / Google, online stores, salons. Yes, and purchases from adult men more often larger than women. And for large purchases on Instagram not are coming.

Services / products that are not beautiful to photograph

Everyone loves Instagram primarily for beautiful pictures. A photo on a phone with a yellow electric light – not an option. Even you are a super specialist, no one will open your photos and recognize this without a tempting “cover”.

Photo from photo stocks is not always a good option, because they are they look too boring and “advertising”, nobody wants to see them them in your feed. Best of all, set aside a budget for a professional the photographer or yourself learn the basics of photography (at least about working with light).

There are examples of promoting even “uncomfortable” topics. Proctologist, for example. On the cover we put a photo of the doctor (beautiful, not “click me in your office at your desk”). And in the description is already writing useful / selling blog posts.

Business in sparsely populated cities

If you live in a city with a population of less than 1 million people. and not can sell outside of it, then Instagram is not the best option for promotion.

Example: photographer, wedding host, training courses, etc. All this provided that you do not sell services online and do not travel to other cities.

Try promotion in VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, contextual advertising in search engines. There you can fine-tune targeting your city. This is better than trying to find “friends” in Instagram.


No need to go to Instagram on the principle “everyone ran, and I ran. “If you are a major brand – then yes, you need to follow the trends and have accounts in all major social networks. But not everyone even “medium” companies have a budget for this when the money invested only work on image, not on sales. What to say about starting business.

Therefore, take a closer look – whether on Instagram your customers and competitors? Or maybe your competitors sell mainly through Facebook or online store? Such an analysis will help you not wasting a budget on a sales channel that won’t recoil.

There are exceptions to any rule. On Instagram you can sell almost anything to anyone. There is an example successful accounts of a coloproctologist and gynecologist. But before you burst with burning ears on Instagram, think maybe it’s worth directing the budget to a channel that is more suitable for your business sales?

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