Who sees my likes on Instagram?


A lot of visibility comments come to our site. likes with a closed profile on Instagram and direct messages. IN In this regard, it was decided to publish a separate note, where answers to all the most popular questions regarding this Topics. We hope that you will find here the information that you wish.

I have a closed Instagram page, who sees my likes?

All your hearts that you put others’ posts users are displayed in the Like box below each publication.

Likes on Instagram in closed profiles

Likes on Instagram in closed profiles

Another thing is whether they are visible in a special activity page or not. (see below for details).

Who can see the photo that I put “me like”?

The photos you like are displayed in the friends stream on вкладке под названием “Действия” -> “Подписки”. Even if your the profile is private, they are displayed in the above place.

Likes on Instagram in closed profiles

My subscriber liked my photo, will this photo be показана для его фолловеров на вкладке “Действия” ->”Subscriptions”?

If your Instagram account is locked, then such publications will only be shown to those subscribers who are subscribed and on you, that is, your authorized followers. It means and the following: if you expressed a liking for the photo in closed profile, only those your followers who are on him signed.

Are publications from directories displayed on the Actions tab -> “Подписки”?

If you like a photo or video from a private message, this the action will not appear for your followers. However your like will be visible to all people to whom this direct mail is sent, if they are in they will go directly to him.

Likes on Instagram in closed profiles

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