Why am I blocked on Instagram?


Recently, many users are faced with this problem: their account is blocked, it happens for a while, it happens that forever and ever. Why is this happening, what is it connected with?

If your Instagram profile is blocked, then You have violated the rules for using the service:

1. Maybe you have exhausted the limit on user actions. For example, put more than 150 likes per hour or left more than 50 comments. For other limits read the link. Or used programs or applications for cheating followers and likes.

2. They complained about you, and the administration of the social network felt that the complaints are correct, that is, you really breaking the rules: posting child pornography, trading other accounts, etc. (see all items in the help). In that case you should have been “pounded” by several users, and before that you were most likely deleted wrong photos or blocked for a while.

3. Your profile has been hacked. You can restore a hacked account (and this, by the way, is the only case when it can be restored). To do this, write to the administration. How to do it i told here. If you yourself maliciously broke the rules Instagram, you can try to return the page in this way. If it turns out, don’t do it anymore!

A complete list of what Instagram blocks

– copyright (you posted someone else’s photos, video from someone else’s music) – comment spam (same messages, links) – you hacked and spammed on your behalf – non-compliance with limits on actions (likes, subscriptions, comments) – simultaneous entrance to account from different places – using third-party services to Instagram (dangerous if you violate the limits or account less than 2 months) – cheating subscribers (when subscribing to an account thousand people per minute) – simultaneous use of several services for Instagram – violation of the rules of using the service (publication of porn, calls for violence, etc. – a complete list is available read in terms of using Instagram) – photo documents (passports, credit cards, rights, etc. – do not need on Instagram) – your the account was not created from the phone – too fast posts (several posts per minute) – loading one image from several profiles at one time (point for sponsors of the gives) – complaints users – the same hashtags for each post (“shadow ban, “but many do not believe in it, so the point is controversial) – stanitsa brand (Instagram asks for supporting documents on organization)

If your Instagram is blocked for a while, then nothing more there is no way to wait. Usually temporarily blocked for minor violations, non-compliance with action limits, for example (if you like a lot, you will have a block for likes).

If your profile is completely deleted by the administration from the social networks, it’s difficult to challenge this decision – follow prompts on the screen at the entrance.

If you can’t return it, even after contacting administration, you have to start a new one, remember your subscribers to subscribe to them again. Or just score on this is the case and no longer perform registration.

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