Why are Instagram stories missing?


Why Instagram stories disappeared

Updated – November 26, 2019

One of the common problems – stories in Instagram.

What to do?

The first step is to find out the cause of the disappearance of the story, and then solve the problem in one of the available ways.

Why Instagram stories disappeared

  1. The old version of the application.

Updates on Instagram come out every week, because of which older versions of the application have various errors and bugs (even sound may be lost).

The solution is to install the current version Instagram (update) via Play Market (android) or App Store (iPhone). Try to clear the cache – it may help.

  1. Low quality internet connection.

If the news, videos, and stories do not load, rather total problem is related to the quality of the Internet (low signal, the network station is overloaded).

Solution – use another Internet connection (if connected via Wi-Fi, switch to mobile internet or vice versa).

Also read the article: what to do if it doesn’t load history.

  1. Old device.

New Instagram versions may not be supported on older devices.

The solution is unfortunately (or fortunately), have to buy a new smartphone.

  1. Mute mode.

If you add the user to silent mode, then publish and stories will temporarily disappear from your stream (many have disappeared stories for this reason).

Solution – go to the profile user, tap the “Subscriptions” – “Switch to silent mode “and uncheck it (the same goes for blocking).

  1. Hiding stories.

User can hide stories from you. Therefore disappeared him story

Solution – try watching stories Instagram anonymously (see article).

Also do not forget that 24 hours after publication stories – she gets into the archive and can only see it creator.

If none of the methods solved the problem, then the reasons are where more serious. Read the article: what to do if it doesn’t work Instagram.

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