Why can’t I leave a comment in Instagram?


Many Instagram users often have this problem: you write a comment, press “send”, but it does not heading off. In search of an answer to your question, you wandered to this site, and I am very pleased, but, unfortunately, I will disappoint you: do something so your comments work if you don’t violate the rules for using the application, which you can read about below it is impossible. But then I’ll make you happy: more often than not it turns out to put the text under your publication or posting a user precisely because you are wrong write.

NotHonestly, I myself have never encountered such problem, so it seems strange to me that it arises from you. Maybe you really are doing something wrong? For example, write too too many characters, or too many comments (Instagram has limits on all actions from your account).

Instagram comment limits

1. You cannot insert more than 5 @ in the message, ie other names users (as it is written in the official help, but in fact you can insert more mentions in the message, however, you should not get involved).

2. You cannot add more than 30 hash tags – link words with an icon #.

3. The application does not like if you leave several in a row same comments, including emoticons. So if you don’t spammer, be more original!

4. In addition, the system will not let you leave more than 50 comments per hour, so unfortunately its sociability will have to calm down.

If you are a law abiding instagrammer and don’t break these rules, the only thing I can advise you is to update the OS on phone or tablet, as well as the Instagram app itself. If and it didn’t help, then just wait a while. Many users it happens that for some time comments are not work, and then they themselves begin to work as if nothing it happened.

P.S. You can also leave comments on Instagram on computer using a browser. Try it – it will suddenly work out!

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