Why can’t I share the video in Instagram


One of Instagram’s most popular apps has expanded its functionality for a long time. Now you can upload video lasting up to 1 minute. But some users have problems downloading the video, that’s why we’re special in this article we’ll help solve this problem. You’ve already seen in the news friends and other users’s feeds have millions of different videos, but You can’t upload your own video, let’s look at what problem.

upload video Most often, there’s no icon for video recording after program updates. This is because on your phone or your tablet has an outdated operating system. Before total, this applies to mobile devices based on Android. what what to do in this case? The answer is simple: update the operating the system.

does not load video

Also, an outdated phone or tablet, on all new video devices can easily be added to your page. There’s also a problem that the video has no sound, It slows down, does not play correctly. In this case, you should update your Instagram application, such an action should solve problems with video playback.

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