Why Instagram blocks video from music?


Why Instagram blocks video with music

Updated – January 6, 2020

Many are faced with a situation where Instagram blocks the video with music.

Why is this happening? How to bypass the lock?

It’s simple: an automatic algorithm finds a song in a video, which is protected by copyright.

Publishing a song without the permission of the owner is prohibited, therefore Instagram blocks the video.

And in some cases – they can block the account intruder.

When does Instagram block the video?

Usually, the algorithm blocks the video in which composition.

Also, videos can be blocked if the music is playing in the background. (for example, when you shoot a video in a cafe where some song).

Instagram blocks the videoInstagram blocks the video

After receiving a notification about video blocking, you can appeal the decision.

In some cases, this helps solve the problem, but almost always the video remains deleted.

Unfortunately, very often for copyright infringement account can block forever.

So we recommend that you do not violate copyrights and use legal methods.

How to bypass video blocking

The most logical way is to use music with free distribution license.

Instagram provides over 2,000 songs and sound effects, which you can embed in your videos.

You can find them at the link: facebook.com/sound/collection

Instagram blocks video with music how to get aroundInstagram blocks video with music how to get around

  • You need to log in via Facebook.

You can also buy licensed music.

For example, the Jamendo music catalog provides over 200,000 tracks at budget prices.

You can find them at the link: https://licensing.jamendo.com

Instagram removes the video what to doInstagram removes the video what to do

  • A lot of selections to help you make your choice. composition.

I strongly do not recommend cheating on the algorithm (slowdown, recording to a voice recorder, editing a track, etc.).

That’s why you can get an account lockout without recovery options.

Even if it does, it’s only for a while. Algorithm all will get to your video and apply sanctions.

Conclusions: infringe copyright as well as Instagram rules are dangerous.

Create your own music, use tracks with a free license or buy songs. It is safe and effective.

Video lesson on why Instagram blocks video from the music.

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