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When working with social networks, error 910 or Instagram is not installed on Android for other reasons: not enough free memory, the flash drive does not work, or the device does not meet the required technical parameters.

Reasons why Instagram is not installed

The list of reasons why Instagram is not installed:

  • no stable internet connection;
  • insufficient free memory in internal storage;
  • The flash drive is not working or is damaged;
  • Latest Play Market Update
  • not a working .apk file.

It is recommended to download and install Instagram on Android from our site.

To exclude other errors, the user must restart your smartphone and delete Instagram. After – put on Download and wait for the installation. If the procedure does not start – check version of android. For normal work with the social network Suitable 6.0 and above.

Problems arise if the owner of the phone doesn’t monitors the latest instagram and operating system updates system. It is recommended that you specify automatic updates to Do not miss new versions of applications.

Check OS Number:

  1. Settings – About phone. Android on the phone for InstagramAndroid on the phone for Instagram
  2. Software Update – System. The latest Instagram software on the deviceThe latest Instagram software on the device

If the code 910 appears on the screen during installation, then the problem is not on Instagram and Android, and in the latest update to the Play Market. Users note that version 13.7.15 often gives errors or it just doesn’t start.

Note: get a new version of the store Not all Android mobile devices can deliver content. Official the community is disconnecting from support for smartphone makers, who use unlicensed software format.

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Solution methods

To fix errors related to downloading, installing and setting parameters – you need to reset the settings to factory settings. The method is applicable in cases where, in addition to Instagram, other applications are installed. Usually, helps complete deleting data and cache or deleting Instagram.

Instagram used memory and cacheInstagram used memory and cache

Ways to solve the problem:

  • Stop the Play Market and remove updates;
  • Clear the cache and data in a standard way;
  • restart the phone and delete Instagram. Try download and install again;
  • reconnect to the internet.

Often the cause of errors in the application becomes unstable network connection. This is manifested in a slow scroll of the Ribbon, reduced video quality and notifications that connect is absent. It happens because of work with mobile Internet and low speed home.

Method 1: reinstall Instagram

If an update occurs rather than an initial download, an “eternal installation” occurs. The application is downloading, but not installed on the phone. The error affects not only Instagram, but also other downloads.

To leave the download and delete Instagram:

  1. Disconnect from the Internet.
  2. Go to smartphone settings – Applications. Force stop InstagramForce stop Instagram
  3. In the list find “Instagram” – Stop.
  4. Delete and confirm actions.

After that, reboot the phone and connect to the network. On play Market find the application and put on download.

An error also occurs when the Russian language is not installed in Instagram.

Instructions on how to change the language settings:

  1. Log in to the social network.
  2. Open: Options – Account. Language settings on InstagramLanguage settings on Instagram
  3. Language – select from the list “Russian”. Language on InstagramLanguage on Instagram

If VPN or proxy access was enabled while downloading – The application can be installed in English.

Settings affected by geographic data specified by the owner smartphone in Google Account. They are necessary for registration page and subject to change. To edit them, you need to go through the computer version to the official website “Google Account” and edit the previously specified information.

Method 2: Uninstall Play Market Updates

If you do not install Instagram and error code 910 in the store content means a problem in the Play Market. Restore work service can be uninstalling and reinstalling the latest updates.

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The procedure does not require installation of the store from third-party sources: when connected to the Internet, Play will automatically download Market on a mobile device.

The problem is also associated with versions of the operating system: more often occurs on Android 7.0 and below.

You can delete a store in the same way as others applications:

  1. Settings – Applications. Uninstall updates on the Play Store InstagramUninstall updates on the Play Store Instagram
  2. Play Market – at the top three points – Remove updates.

It will be automatically stopped, after removal – you need to enable by yourself. A less radical way is to clear the cache and data.

Also applies to Instagram, which consumes from 100 MB per day free memory. Regularly clearing temporary files and data, the user will be able to avoid errors and incorrect operation applications.

In the case when Instagram is not installed on Android – first by deletion clear the cache and restart the smartphone.

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