Why notifications come in Instagram?


Why do not come notifications on Instagram

Sometimes due to incorrect settings, notifications are not received in Instagram.

What to do?

It is enough to perform a few simple steps in two instructions.

Why don’t Instagram notifications come?

First, check if you have notifications enabled in application:

  1. Переходим в свой профиль Why notifications come in Instagram? в правом нижнем углу.
  2. Открываем меню Why notifications come in Instagram? сверху.
  3. Касаемся настроек Why notifications come in Instagram? снизу.
  4. Открываем раздел “Уведомления” Why notifications come in Instagram?.
  5. We touch “Push notifications.”
  6. If notifications have been disabled, then enable them.

Instagram does not receive a notificationInstagram does not receive a notification

  • You can configure notifications for specific events (see article).

Now let’s configure notifications in the device itself:

  1. Go to the settings of your device.
  2. We open the section “Notifications” (it can be called differently).
  3. We find the Instagram application.
  4. We touch and set up notifications.

Instagram alerts stopped comingInstagram alerts stopped coming

  • Make sure the slider on the notifications is moved to the right.

If the problem persists, then read the article: There is no sound in Instagram (found a solution to many problems).

Video lesson on why they do not come Instagram alerts.

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