Why the news feed does not work in Instagram


Some Instagram users have this problem. news feed download time and photo and video updates появляется ошибка “Unable to update Instagram feed” .

Невозможно обновить ленту в Instagram

The tape does not work on Instagram what to do?

So what is this mistake, and how to get rid of it? We picked up some simple tips.

1. The first thing to do is check the quality Internet connections, does wi-fi work. Using mobile the Internet remember that you need to consider the speed for downloading various media files. It is advisable to be connected to 3G-4G networks, which, contrary to their “duty”, are unstable.

why the feed on instagram is not updated

2. If you have a good Internet connection, update your Instagram, possibly even a mobile operating system device, in this case the error will be fixed.

no photos on Instagram

3. If none of the above has brought any benefit, then, Unfortunately, you had to deal with a regular glitch, which it does not make sense to fight in any way. You just have to wait the next update to the Instagram app. I assure you soon time for your model of phone or tablet, the error will be fixed. In order to rush the solution to this problem, you are entitled write to the developers yourself. This can be done with the settings, by link you will see a more accurate description with various refinements.

4. Clear the cache of applications and your phone or tablet. Perhaps you have run out of space and the device cannot load new photos.

5. There may also be a system failure on Instagram, and many users will not work tape. In that case, just need to wait some time.

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