Why the video does not load in 1 minute in Instagram?


Minute videos on InstagramAt the end of March 2016 on the blog Shocking information appeared on Instagram – from the 29th it will be available new feature: users will be able to upload videos lasting not the usual 15 seconds, but a whole minute! And really, in In April, many people noticed a lot of minute videos in their feed. However, most of them couldn’t download the recording for more than 15 seconds, why so?

Let’s figure it out!

What if the video does not load for more than 15 seconds?

In fact, everything is simple. From the very beginning Instagram developers reported that this function (downloading videos lasting up to 1 minute) will not be available to everyone, but only to a certain number users. In the future, gradually it will appear in the rest instagrammers. If you still can’t put the tape in the tape more than 15 seconds, it means that the innovation has not yet reached you, and, to Unfortunately, you have to wait a bit. Maybe after next update of the application you can send your friends big minute clip.

Did you like the innovation? Download minute videos or prefer short videos or even photos? I remember in 2013th year when Instagram just introduced the ability to add videos in the tape, it caused a great stir, and many users simply did not understand why they needed this new feature. However later began to use. Probably will be the same now.

I haven’t uploaded the minute videos too yet, I just somehow not necessary. In general, I often post photos on Instagram, and didn’t even switch to a rectangular format. The square is our everything! ? Yes, I am a conservative person.

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