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Creating a business profile on Instagram, in the statistics section the user will see the inscription: “Reach”. Understand what coverage is on Instagram and how it works a short instruction will help.

Reach, Impressions, and Engagement – What Are They?

Instagram impressions – how many times the user saw publication. Reach – the number of unique visitors that was record is shown. In the first case, the same person can return to recording several times a day.

Engagement – a parameter that shows interaction users with a post. This indicator can be calculated. independently, collecting data from statistics. Unlike previous indicators, see “Engagement” will not work through standard tools.

How to see Instagram coverage:

  1. Go to Instagram – log in.
  2. Go to the section: “Settings” – Statistics. Instagram action statisticsInstagram action statistics
  3. Actions – scroll down “Interesting”.

There is also information on impressions. But see information can only be owners of business pages.

Under each post there is an inscription: “Statistics”. This category also shows data regarding each publication. That is how much users saw, flipped and saved. Using coverage and Instagram impressions, promotion system – the page owner will be able to display entries in the “Popular”.

How to increase reach and impressions

Instagram impressions can be increased through post promotion. Then the same applies to coverage, where the main criterion is audience interest and news relevance. Click to enlarge values ​​are possible through page promotion paid and free ways.

The main methods are:

  • creating a promotion. Paid advertising from Instagram;
  • contests and entertaining content. Records that collect most subscribers
  • paid shares and give-away. Activities aimed at increasing the audience by performing any actions: subscriptions, likes;
  • correctly calculated time for publication;
  • content plan tailored to your desires and interests CA.

Impressions from the Main page on Instagram are directed to already signed users. But reach and impressions will only increase with the advent of new subscribers. Also, the audience must be “live”, that is, received without cheating or additional services. Underneath the comments entries, likes and saves that increase engagement.

Thoughtful Content Plan

One of the main ways to promote is creating interesting content plan. Thanks to him, the coverage increases in Statistics: users are more interested in publications, interact with records.

A content plan is a list of posts that will be posted to a certain time. This includes: entertainment, information and useful notes. Moreover, the page owner must alternate between types of publications, giving preference to informational and useful.

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Find the optimal publication time

The time of posting photos and videos affects the number of views. So, the most productive day is Monday and Wednesday, and Sunday – a decline in audience activity.

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To calculate exactly for your account:

  1. Instagram – Settings.
  2. Statistics – Audience. Instagram date audience statisticsInstagram date audience statistics
  3. A chart will be shown below, broken down by the days of the week.

More details are available in the “Audience”, where you can specify on the chart not only days, but also hours. Information is provided in the form: day and hours, and separately for a week.

Regular contests

Contests or Give Away Attract Subscribers More Than All other options. But at the same time, the number of arrivals is calculated and unsubscribing. After the event, the number of unsubscriptions may be tantamount to coming. Results, Gifts and Features events will affect Instagram reach.

Usually, to become a winner of a draw, a participant must perform any action. To increase coverage and delivery in The tape, tasks should be like this: mark friends in the comments, like or share a post from a competitive profile.

Using Like Time

Like-time – publication, where the owner of the page encourages to put “Like the next commenter.” Due to the fact that subscribers will be able to get “Like” mutually, increasing the number comments and likes.

But like time is also considered the cause of the shadow ban.

Therefore, it must be carried out carefully:

  • do not use the words “like time” or English interpretation;
  • prescribe the rules. For example: put “I like it” the next three commentators;
  • Do not indicate popular hashtags to conduct.

Using the rules, the page does not fall under sanctions and Instagram blocking.

Mutual PR or paid advertising

Large page owners are offered several options, like increase reach and involvement: mutual PR and paid advertising. The latter may be: official from Instagram or from a blogger.

The choice of how to communicate depends on the topic of the page, audience size. Mutual PR is good because subscribers from one Profile will go into the second. Paid, without outside assistance – the opportunity to choose the target audience and advertising platform.

Do not forget to spread the stories

Instagram History impressions depend on the popularity of the account. Сrecent Stories update began to appear in the section “Popular,” but they are affected by the number of views. To users social network like to watch “real life”, therefore Stories is considered one of the most effective ways to promote.

How to view impressions and actions in Stories:

  1. Click on the recently posted Stories.
  2. Select from below: “Spectators” – go to the category on the side “Statistics”. Instagram stats in Action StoriesInstagram stats in Action Stories
  3. Go down to the “Impressions” section.

So, you can find out which records are more suitable for the audience, which roll and go out without saving.

Provide follower activity

To increase the activity of the page, you need to use several post design rules:

  • question at the end of the text part. Anyone related to the topic Publications
  • tasks for subscribers. Small contests where you can win any things;
  • games. Take a screenshot and find out the answer, select option by numbers;
  • last news. Even those that can cause negative reactions.

To the last point – the profile should not express one-sided opinions. Answers should be given by subscribers in the comments.

Comments under the post are a strong indicator.

One way to check audience activity is to look comments. The more users responded, the more interesting there was a record. Only the number of real reviews is calculated: no ads and page owner responses. That is, meaningless or consisting of one emoticon – not a way to increase engagement.

But even this format affects reach and impressions. Also, records from high percentage of useful and interesting comments (features “response branches”) quickly fall into the “Popular”.

Hashtags – good at reaching out

Coverage depends on the promotion methods used. If the owner pages could pick up a list of hashtags, given the popularity, limits and public availability – that means at least one tag will affect profile popularity.

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To find the appropriate page option:

  • make three to four publications by changing tags;
  • Use only thematic hashtags that are suitable for image and description;
  • publicly available can cause a shadow ban;
  • midrange tags recommended.

If you use high-frequency – the recording is quickly lost among the rest. The probability that it will reach the TOP or succeed many endorsements – low.

Live broadcasts

Live is live chat with subscribers. Owner profile can run thematic or game broadcast, which will increase Reach and number of subscribers. Broadcasts should only in the event that there is a specific purpose and theme. For owners small pages – this method will not help in promotion.

Meet the audience in real time should if there is high activity on posts, subscribers interested in communication. Recommended broadcast time is not more than 15 minutes, with useful information.

Why the reach and impressions are not growing – possible reasons

Instagram’s reach is considered good if it’s double than the number of subscribers. One statistic is not taken into account post, and general, in the “Statistics” section.

The main reasons why reach and impressions fell:

  • new Instagram algorithm. In many large communities and blogger profiles have lower views than small ones – up to 5,000 subscribers
  • shadow ban. A popular problem not only with content, but also blocked hashtags;
  • wrong methods of promotion. Also missing likes and comments;
  • publications are not interesting to the audience.

Increase reach and views can be gradual or use paid methods. Moreover, during the shadow ban use cheating or paid methods can not. For action should a page lock or impose sanctions on certain actions.

What to do if the page in the “shadow bath”:

  • leave for 72 hours without any action;
  • temporarily block the page through the computer version;
  • use other hashtags and ways to increase volume subscribers.

Considering what Instagram coverage is, it should be noted – it also depends on the “age” of the account. So social network actively promotes new profiles. Therefore, many bloggers or popular communities create accounts before promotion.

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