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There are a lot of useful for Instagram right now services and applications. For example, Iconosquare, the former Statigram (Statigram) to help you get a lot of useful information about your profile and publications. With it, you can not only View your feed, photos and followers. With his help You can get a variety of statistics.

User Profile Instagram Statistics

So, Iconosquare will help you get acquainted with interesting statistics of your profile on Instagram:

– the most popular publications (which scored the most likes and those that got the most comments); – graphs the activity of your and your followers (when you most often write in what time of day, for example); – by those users who are from you Unsubscribed, and, conversely, by those who subscribed to you; – can see which of the followers likes you the most and most often comments on your pictures; – how many of your publications hit the “Popular” section;

and much more!

For example, my most popular photos look like this.

Photos on Instagram that scored the most likes

And so are the pictures to which most comments have been left.

The most popular Instagram posts on Instagram.

The site is in English, but I think to understand it completely not difficult. I find this a very useful resource for those who actively uses Instagram, and wants to always be in the know their statistics.

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