10 posts that your followers are talking on Instagram


The more comments under Instagram posts, the higher profile activity, the more likely your publications will be shown to a large number of your readers and get in recommendations for other users. But how to talk your followers on Instagram?

Take and do – below 10 post topics Instagrams that are guaranteed to collect a lot comments, not as usual.

1. Post dating

Tell us about yourself, it is possible from the series # 10 factually or even # 20factual, and ask your friends to tell about themselves subscribers: how old are they, where are they from, what are they fond of? To you wondering who your reader is? Twice, three times more Comments guaranteed!

2. True / False

Write 10 or 20 facts about yourself, 2/3/4 of which will be not true. Ask to guess which ones. Followers love such games! Try to write provocative facts, understand lies, or the truth is, it will be difficult.

10 posts for Instagram

3. Facts about your profile

Write 10 or 20 facts about your Instagram profile: how began to lead him, how they were engaged in promotion, whether they closed page, whether deleted. This new flash mob that runs under hashtag # 10 instincts really like all instagrammers and their readers!

10 posts for Instagram

4. Play with readers

Associations, continue the sentence, finish the story, wish good luck previous commentator – lots of options. Games in the comments under posts are always very active. The main thing is to understand which it is the game that will delight your Instagram followers.

5. Be sincere

Write a sincere story about events from your life, show zalulie work, ask for advice in a difficult situation. Tell about volume that has not yet been told.

6. Write a post unusual for you

Surprise your audience, tell the shocking news from your of life. Get married, expect a baby, are you planning to fly to America? Do not be silent, your subscribers will congratulate you.

7. Arrange holivar

Write your opinion on a topic that can initially be collected different opinions, discussions often arise under such a post, however You will need to manage the situation. For example, if you have an audience mummies in Instagram profile, holivar in the comments required topics of vaccinations, kindergarten, etc. will be raised.

10 posts for Instagram

8. Arrange a vote

For example, lay out a collage from the fitting room: which dress to buy, which one suits me better? Ask readers what thing they opinion you still bought.

10 posts for Instagram

9. Hold a contest

You can make a prize yourself, buy something, or you can invite for this sponsor. If one of the conditions of the competition is a comment under the post, you will naturally collect more messages than usually.

10. Offer to pass the test

For example, a test for socionics. Active subscribers with joy share your results, start telling, right the result gives a test or not.

Do you think everyone writes such posts on Instagram? And you try they talk to your audience, help to collect more of your post comments. Perhaps after this, your publication will fall into recommendations for other users.

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