2 ways to save a story from Instagram


Smart people have already figured out how to download a story from Instagram to a computer or phone! We can only use and Thanks to the creators. ?

Method number 1 allows you to save a story from Instagram to yourself Telegram bot phone

Are you in Telegram? If not, urgently install this app! This is not just a messenger, there are also channels (such as a group, by the way, subscribe to ours – @ insta4you), and special bots that can do a lot of things: from accounting to just that download pictures and videos from social. networks.

Telegram bot for downloading stories

To download Stories from Instagram, go to @ instasave_bot bot via the link or type his name in search. He is English, but it’s easy to figure it out. To download Insta-post, send the robot a link to the desired publication, and in order to save history or profile photo, send username to bot from Instagram like @kashemarina and then just choose what you want necessary.

How to download Stories from Instagram

How to download Stories from Instagram

Method number 2 for the computer

To download Instagram stories and save them to your computer, There is a special extension for the Google Chrome browser. If you him still not in use, I also highly recommend putting it – it’s clearly faster than other browsers.

Extension for chrome called chrome ig story and put you can download it to your computer at this link.

How to download a story from Instagram

Then everything is simple: choose a user from the list or do it yourself enter the username of the person whose story you want to get. Have you chosen? Click on the “Download” button below and get the archive with all user stories, including mp4 video.

How to download a story from Instagram

By the way, with this extension you can search for stories from around around the world, as well as watch live broadcasts.

Do you know more ways to download Stories? Write in the comments! Well, but it seems to me that the Telegram bot and the extension for Chrome – for now the best for these purposes that came up with.

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