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Instagram post about autumn is a greeting to the new season. Users share photos from the rest, add photos from yellow leaves, jobs and training places.

What to write about autumn on Instagram

In the fall, it is recommended to pay attention to warm and positive topics. With the onset of rains and colds, many publications will be filled sadness over the past summer. Therefore, in order to attract subscribers, you need to act on the opposite: use positive and interesting topics for publication.

What will be in the trend of 2019:

  • new products and updates on social networks;
  • promotion methods and trends;
  • new courses and webinars;
  • training and work;
  • travel and cooking;
  • photo shoots and events.

Using these topics, you can create interesting content by working plan for the months ahead. It’s also worth keeping track of major blogs and updates so as not to miss another popular topic.

How to use autumn motives in publications? If selected travels – talk about autumn in other countries, changes in nature. Training – a new teaching format, tips on how get together at school or university. Photosessions – suggest Subscribers to participate in the autumn shoot.

10 ideas for travelers

Travel blogs or travel pages occupy a niche among popular among Instagram bloggers. Autumn publications – a way how to attract new subscribers, tell new and useful for audience.

List of ideas to remember:

  • Autumn holidays in other countries. Detailed description of traditions and interesting moments that are not in the CIS countries;
  • names of objects, dishes that relate to the fall. For example, Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce
  • what places and countries are worth visiting;
  • climate change: where better to relax in the fall;
  • the beginning of working days: how to study and work abroad;
  • what you need to take with you on a trip in the fall;
  • what clothes are worn in other countries at the first cooling;
  • entertainment content: local expressions and phrases about autumn;
  • what dangers await the traveler in the fall in others countries: insects, animals or rules;
  • preparation for winter: how to prepare for winter.

Some topics can be combined, diluting with interesting facts and impressions. To publish, you must also select corresponding image or photo.

5 ideas for beauty bloggers

In autumn, beauty bloggers gather a real “crop” of new products and recommendations from stylists, makeup artists.

  • makeup and care products in the fall: how to protect the skin from first colds that are worth using;
  • Appearance: clothing that is suitable for work, study;
  • main mistakes: flaws in makeup and clothes in the fall;
  • latest trends: what pleased brands and cosmetics Company
  • prices and comparisons: where is it better to buy a particular product.
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Also, recommendations are suitable for topics: what should not be done in the fall and how to prepare for the cold. It could be a parsing any product, advertising publications and checklists.

In preparation for the fall, the blogger can release his checklist, where describes the main points in personal care, gives tips. Such the format is suitable not only for free distribution, but also sales. The information on the checklist should be useful and unique, to arouse customer confidence.

5 ideas for photographers

In the fall, photographers will receive more orders than usual. Wedding shooting, love-story, walks and photos of children.

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What is worth writing on your page:

  • Posing and advice. What you need to take with you to the shooting in the fall;
  • locations. If the photographer works in a certain city – give a list of places where the survey will be carried out;
  • weddings and events in the fall. Prices, schedule, thematic video;
  • what things should not be worn for a photo shoot in the forest or among trees. For example, red and yellow colors are not recommended – the model is “lost” in a general way;
  • Themed photos. Using characters or non-standard ideas for children and adults.

In the commercial sphere, orders for photographs of new products. If the profile is dedicated to finding customers, you need to show options for images that are suitable for autumn updates. For example, wood motifs, the use of trees and vibrant leaves.

15 ideas for schoolchildren and students

With the start of the new school year, time for creating photographs and descriptions under the posts will be less.

But even within the school walls, you can create interesting content:

  • the first of September. Meet new classmates admission to an educational institution;
  • post in the style of “life care”. Tell your “chips” that will help get ready for school, prepare homework task is faster;
  • receipt. For high school students who plan to do in high school;
  • hobby. Classes after school and hobbies;
  • how to decorate abstracts. For schools and universities where there is no verification exercise books;
  • life hack. What to bring to school or university institution;
  • work for a teenager. Is it possible to combine study and work in incomplete schedule;
  • what to cook for a snack. A couple of tips for cooking for lunch at the school;
  • how to remember information faster. Poems, summaries and paragraphs in the textbook;
  • preparation for exams. What you should not do when preparing for an important control or session;
  • relationships with peers. Friendship, first love;
  • list of useful literature. What books do you need to read to better understanding of any subject;
  • school events and parties. Appearance and behavior;
  • music playlists. Before and after school;
  • movies and TV shows for teens. New Releases in the fall.

Themes are suitable not only for autumn – they are alternated, decorated pictures. Hashtags will help to promote the entry in the TOP popular.

Autumn publication design

In addition to interesting text, there should be relevant photos and emoticons. When photographing, you need to choose the brightest locations. It can be both trees and flowers in the city, and beyond him.

On rainy days, you can take advantage of these ideas:

  • take a photo in black and white, but leave a bright umbrella;
  • to wear colored things and take pictures on a cloudy background the sky;
  • walks with friends in the rain;
  • home pictures with a plaid and a mug.

-> Как сделать лицо ребенка, девушки или мужчины в Инстаграм

The hue in all photos should be orange or yellow, but without changes in the skin of the model and clothes. That is, filters are applied on Background by adding blur or vignette. If in the photo the main object is a person, then the surrounding bright colors are better to muffle. So the model and background image will be noticeable.

In addition, for the design of posts there are yellow and orange emoticons. For Stories, the new GIFs in the Stickers section. Available change the background color on stickers, work with fill through tool: “Draw”.

Hashtags that come in handy in the fall

Autumn tags help to promote publications that dedicated to the end of summer, early September.

Which popular tags are applicable:

  • # autumn, September, autumn fall, fall 2019;
  • First of September, red, orange, study, work;
  • Autumn days, nature, autumn winter, golden autumn.

Relevant and English tags for the appropriate audience. Affect new subscribers, reach and number likes.

The use of such hashtags is not recommended in the profile description, but they are suitable in the comments under the publications, for Stories. Leaving a tag under the post description is not recommended due to reduction of space for text. In the comments – you can add up to thirty phrases by which the page will be found.

Instagram post about autumn – an opportunity to promote services, talk about your emotions and travels. But such publications should move smoothly into the next season, where there are other topics and ideas.

Hashtags for winter publications

In winter, you can use tags for holidays, events nature. For example, put the tag “snow” or “winter”. But such requests will not bring many subscribers or likes – frequency record updates from 0.1 seconds to 2.0. That is, subscribers do not have time to see the publication in the TOP or to like.

What tags are suitable for winter:

  • gingerbread cookie, christmas night, the holiday comes to us;
  • miraculously happen, the best day, tangerines;
  • cheerful holiday, gift, mood;
  • funny company, party, New Year’s mood;
  • rest well, new life, joy.

Use under photos that were created for the holidays or relate to the New Year, Christmas. To post on image in Storis, the user needs to choose a sticker: “Hashtag” or go to the section: “Text”. Labels marked with a “#” in front of search expression.

Tags for spring posts

For the spring period, hashtags dedicated to nature and to rest. One way to promote publications with a specific themes – use mobile applications to generate tags. For example, inTags, where you can specify the first request and select the rest are in popularity.

  • spring has come, pogodasuper, trees;
  • spring is in the air, flowers, sky;
  • snowdrops, drops, love spring;
  • epicsky, green, trees.

Suitable for taking pictures with friends, outdoors or for a walk. You can add tags to comments by copying and pasting first reviews. Regardless of the number of responses, tags will affect post promotion, but will not be available among the first.

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