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With the approach of winter, you need to prepare a content plan in advance Instagram. Winter fasting is exactly what will help in communicating with audience, and also increase reach at the beginning or in front of the specified period.

Before creating content, you need to look at publications, which were already posted a year earlier. This approach will help decide: which topics should be considered, and which have already been voiced.

For each blog, winter can be an individual idea:

  • tips and life hacks: how to have fun in the winter and prepare for cold weather;
  • women’s blogs and motherhood: ways to increase immunity child, what games are better in winter;
  • online store owners: tips for using the technology in the cold, a selection of clothes for the winter, trends and new items, hand-made to Holidays
  • Pupils and students: preparing for exams, having fun with friends, plans for the New Year and Christmas;
  • photographers: a list of winter locations, a description of shooting in the snow weather, what can not be done in the cold at a photo shoot;
  • managers and influencers: trends next year, ways advances in winter and in the holiday season;
  • Travel bloggers: where to celebrate New Year and Christmas, which countries are the warmest.

And others that will be relevant in the winter holiday season, preparing for the next year and classes for the winter.

10 ideas for online stores

With the onset of winter, for owners of shops and showrooms more topics and ideas will appear. The thing is preparing for the holidays, in new trends and tips from makeup artists, dermatologists and stylists.

What ideas are suitable in winter:

  • Didn’t find an answer? Ask a question, we will prepare and send you an answer by e-mail
  • Powerful Instagram account upgrade
  • we collect the basic winter wardrobe;
  • five mistakes made by girls in winter make-up;
  • what care products are suitable for men;
  • DIY gifts for the new year (with reference to goods from store);
  • what you should not give to a certain group of people: relatives, friends and unfamiliar colleagues;
  • smartphone in the cold season: cases and accessories that will help in work with the device in the winter;
  • a selection of headphones and bags for smartphones, laptops;
  • what colors are fashionable in winter 2019-2020;
  • holidays and examples of dresses for the whole family;
  • comparison: it is better to make a gift with your own hands or buy.

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When choosing a topic, you need to proceed from the availability of goods and their categories. So, for a store with makeup, an idea with care products for men and children – do not fit. In that case, the publication topic is suitable: “What to give friends and relatives. “To increase sales – leave links or calls to buy a specific product to fulfill an idea.

5 ideas for a lifehack page

In winter, profiles with life hacks and tips can be filled videos that talk about possible winter hobbies, health and home decoration. It can be like tips with decoration from improvised materials, as well as expert opinion from pediatricians and therapists.

It is important to choose the truthful and interesting material that previously was little considered on Instagram:

  • we decorate the house with improvised materials. Suitable for collaborations with online stores, advertising;
  • three tips on how to protect yourself from the flu and SARS;
  • where you can go with friends in the winter;
  • a selection of books “not to get bored”;
  • recipes for the preparation of cocoa and mulled wine.

The last option with alcoholic drinks will be relevant if potential audience is older than 18. But you can pick up others, which correspond to the subject of the page and will be interesting to subscribers.

5 ideas for managers and bloggers

In winter, bloggers will receive more promotional offers. This is due to sales and holiday promotions.

Therefore, ideas for posts can be:

  • winter processing on the phone: create a fabulous atmosphere;
  • what promotions and bonuses are available during the holiday season;
  • TOP 5 gifts that you can buy on Instagram;
  • recommendations for preparing content for the winter and next season;
  • nostalgia: old photos from the album taken in winter.

For example, the challenge “10 years later” can be held again in profile using New Year’s photos. Also worth sharing information with subscribers about current events by city and draw up a checklist for the promotion and search of advertising sites.

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10 ideas for a women’s blog

Maternity and women’s blogs in the winter attract new There are more subscribers than the rest of the topics.

What problems can be revealed in publications:

  • pastries and sweets in the winter at home;
  • vitamins, fruits and vegetables: what you need to buy in winter for a child;
  • cold walks: choosing clothes for the whole family;
  • where it is better to celebrate New Year and Christmas with a child before of the year;
  • how to organize a holiday and make it interesting for the whole families;
  • recommendations: makeup and manicure, choice of care products;
  • holidays and vacation: brief recommendations for parents and children
  • what you need to take with you in the winter for a trip on vacation or on a walk;
  • animators and children’s parties;
  • hobbies and hobbies during the winter holidays.

Having opened each topic in detail, you can find a few more subtopics for further publications. Ideas are also suitable for life-style. blogs and personal profiles.

5 ideas for schoolchildren and students

In winter, you can pick up different topics, including gaming and informational. School or school weekly blogs A university is no less popular than the rest.

Therefore, winter is a great period to tell interesting things. subscribers:

  • how to prepare for the winter session;
  • how to decorate abstracts for winter;
  • winter holidays and preparation for the end of the school year;
  • organization of the day: how to relax and learn new things at holidays;
  • 100 goals for next year.

The idea with goals is relevant for almost all blogs. Post about winter on Instagram should not only be well written in text parts, but also framed. It could be a photograph in a snowy park, with preparations for the holidays, snapshots of clothes and landscapes. Urban views are also relevant, with snowdrifts and cleaned the streets.

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