5 most popular methods of cheating subscribers on Instagram


An account with a large number of followers always attracts attention other users and causes respect for its owner. Exactly therefore, beginner instagrammers, as well as those who want something sell through Instagram or just be cool, I want to quickly gain a lot of subscribers. You can do it yourself (and free), but you can use the services of various companies or just individuals who do it for you. In the second case you certainly have to pay.

Consider some of the most popular today. fast cheat followers on Instagram.

1. Buying bot followers

Cheat subscribers on InstagramBots are now very cheap. As I understand it, these are just broken accounts that are given assignment to subscribe to you. It is hard to say how useful this is. It seems that you quickly get a large number of subscribers and this increases the credibility of your profile, but on the other hand – that’s it dead souls who won’t like you and write you comments. In addition, Instagram often cleans such bots, roughly saying just removes. At one point you might be lost several thousand subscribers, because not all companies give a guarantee their return after cleaning by the administration

2. Buying live subscribers and an independent set of live subscribers

Live subscribers are clearly more expensive, but you yourself can dial (in 5 years the right amount?), therefore, of course, it is better to use automation of this process. Naturally, for money.

The principle of cheating live subscribers on Instagram

The principle of a set of followers is always the same, will you be do it yourself or ask someone else. It looks like this: you bet likes to active users that you have selected by hash tags or competitors (you can also subscribe to them), those in their turn go to your page, look at your publications, also like them and sometimes even follow you. Since there is it is “sometimes”, you have to put a lot of hearts and subscribe to a large number of people plus periodically unsubscribe about those who did not follow you.

If you yourself will perform these actions for free, then you will have to like manually. This is pretty tedious and long. However, if use special scripts, you have to pay them creators, and also be extremely careful!

Be careful!

When engaging in Instagram followers, you should use caution, namely, to ensure that your actions did not exceed existing limits. It’s not possible now put more than 150 hearts (both to their followers and people on which you are not subscribed to) and leave more than 50 comments for one hour! If you exceed this limit, your account may block for excessive activity (many can’t return your blocked profiles).

When resorting to third-party services, be sure to find out the moment described above so as not to lose your favorite account in Instagram!

Companies that offer similar services are now a dime a dozen, не буду приводить примеры, ведь мне никто из них за это незаплатил вы легко найдете их с помощью любого поисковика.

3. Advertising in famous accounts

If some instagram celebrity in the description to his another publication will mention you, then of course you followers will increase. It’s almost impossible to do it for free, although some succeed – for example, they draw stars.

Cheat subscribers on Instagram - a star picture

For money, almost everything is ready to do, look through accounts participants of “Dom-2”, and you will immediately understand what I’m talking about.

Star Advertising on Instagram

Private Account Advertising

Increasingly, I see on Instagram a very effective method of advertising, who came from Vkontakte. You close your profile, which you need followers, and order an advertisement from a “star”. She writes a tearful or interesting story, or rather its beginning, and says that the end can be read from you. But your profile is closed, therefore, to to read, you have to subscribe. Woah la!

Advertising a closed account on Instagram

4. Participation in #sfs

SFS is such a forgotten #ff from Twitter, only on Instagram. Its principle is simple: you ask your followers to recommend you, and you, in turn, recommend them. Well, how to recommend— come up with your own hash tag, an attractive description for a photo, to be noticed. Typically, the follower uploads or reposts any your photo or several, adds the hash tag you invented, your nickname is a link and a couple of good words about you, you do the same in return the most. As a result, both you and your follower followers is being added. At least someone will definitely come in. look.

#sfs on Instagram

5. Competitions and Giveaway

Oddly enough to hold contests and Giveaway on Instagram love not only companies, but also ordinary people. You will come up with a hash tag again for the contest, a cool prize, which will go to the winner, and a photo for reposts. Users who wish to enter the contest for a prize, must subscribe to your profile (this is usually prescribed in conditions), upload your photo (repost) and add your hash tag (it is needed so that you can easily find all the participants). The winner is usually randomly selected. Well, you guessed it, because of the conditions a large the number of people, the main thing is to interest them later, and before “Givevea” – to find the right audience and, of course, to lure a good a gift.

Contests and Giveaway on Instagram


Of course, there are other free ways to recruit subscribers, oh which, in principle, has long been known. And yet, before follow the steps described in the article, read how to prepare your account.

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