7 tips to promote your business in Instagram


The popularity of Instagram is growing steadily every day. Want to to connect your business with this social network? This is a great idea. because here is collected an active, interested and, most importantly, solvent audience. However, there are business accounts my own characteristics, so I want to give you some tips, which will help determine a niche, and in the future begin successful promotion on Instagram.

Who is Instagram business for?

From the very beginning it must be said that not every product and each service can be sold on this site. In front of you a social network with a predominantly female audience, an audience, which reacts most strongly to visual content, but excellent buys impulsively. Here, goods such as clothes go well. needlework, decor, beauty treatments, various online (and offline) courses and trainings.

Business on InstagramYou need to understand that Instagram will not succeed selling concrete, brick, food (but not all), highly specialized services (especially for men).

Tips for promoting your business on Instagram

So, if your product looks good in photos, it’s suitable the target audience that sits in on this social network can start promoting on your Instagram business. In the first stages, these tips will help!

1. Design your profile correctly

– You must have an avatar that reflects the essence of your business; – username should also reflect the essence of the business, be as possible in short, memorable; – in the field “name” you must write the key words that your customers enter when they want to buy your products or services; – the field “about yourself” should clearly describe your activity and make it clear how to contact you.

2. Content is the main thing in any social network

– Instagram should be beautiful in your profile, professional and fashion photos of your product, think about visual design of the page in one style; – write unique posts – Know your reader’s “pains”, write on topics that Are you interested in your potential buyers? – alternate entertaining, useful and selling posts; – use all Instagram means, not only publications: stories, live broadcasts, video; – do all this regularly, at a good time, preferably content plan.

7 tips for promoting a business on Instagram

3. Chat with your subscribers

– respond to their comments and direct messages, try not to skip them, although Instagram sometimes does not notify them; – make unique offers to your readers with direct mailing; – manage negatives and spam on your page; – if possible, like and write your comments subscribers, be sure to like and comment in response.

4. Your business must have a face

People love when there’s some kind of Instagram profile human. Do not be afraid to talk about yourself. If you have a whole team, you can also show it from time to time and a little talk about your workdays.

7 tips for promoting a business on Instagram

5. Use tags and geotags

Often, users search for products and services specifically by tags and geeks, especially in small cities. Do not neglect them. Be sure to put the geotags on stand! Get to the top in the city or The area is now very easy.

7 tips for promoting a business on Instagram

6. Constantly engage in attracting new users to your Instagram

In order for your page to not fade, you need all the time attract new people to it. You can do it different ways:

– advertising for bloggers and publishers; – commenting on thematic blogs; – games, marathons, rallies; – and probably the easiest method – mass follow, mass link, mass mailing of messages with using an automated promotion tool.

7. Use the services to promote and maintain accounts in Instagram – they greatly simplify life!

Take, for example, the Instapromo.pro service. FROM with its help you can not only engage in mass follow and by masslinking, but also plan your publications – send photos and video on Instagram directly from the computer, respond to comments under posts, create newsletters.

How Instapromo.pro will help in promoting your business in Instagram?

Promotion through mass follow, mass click and commenting

Many people think that mass follow is “dead”, but it’s not. Yes, perhaps he doesn’t bring such a conversion, but it a wonderful way for a business to express itself, to attract Attention. Yes, a person may not subscribe in response, but he certainly will go to the page and see the products and services that you offer.

In Instapromo.pro you can configure mass follow and mass link by hashtags, user, geolocation, list. Hashtag Subscription very interesting: you can subscribe not only to those who posted a post and put a tag to it, but also on people who this Like and comment on the publication.

7 tips for promoting a business on Instagram

There are filters by gender, age, number of subscribers and subscriptions, in The system itself already has stop words embedded. Do not neglect the excellent Like in response.

Instapromo.pro will greatly facilitate the maintenance of an account in Instagram

Instapromo.pro has all the functions of maintaining a business page in Instagram from the computer – you don’t even need to go to application on the phone. You can publish from a computer and plan them in advance (it’s very convenient to make such a plan for several days in advance and then “sleep soundly”),

7 tips for promoting a business on Instagram

as well as respond to customer comments under posts right from computer (often Instagram does not show all messages under publications).

7 tips for promoting a business on Instagram

In addition, you can do mailing in direct messages. In this way, you can tell your subscribers about promotions, passing on your page as well as welcome new users and give them a discount for a subscription.

7 tips for promoting a business on Instagram

You can try Instapromo.pro for free for 3 days.

Liked? Based on Instapromo.pro, you can start your own business – rent the franchise service system itself and build on This base is mine. Worth trying! ?

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