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In the event that you want to upload a photo to Instagram on page, but it’s on your hard drive computer / laptop, then do not despair. So using Dropbox you can do it without any problems. How to upload photos to instagram from pc

Dropbox is a very popular cloud storage for various data. In simple words, dropbox is called a program that provides access to all files that are stored in Internet: you just need to take photos, videos or another file in Dropbox and after that it will be possible open on another computer, smartphone or tablet.

How to use Dropbox?

So, Internet users install on their PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones Get secure access to your personal cloud storage. You can download Dropbox on your PC or laptop from the official Website / ru. Then on the same web resource you should register in order to use cloud storage. Enter your full name, e-mail, password and agree to the Terms service. To download this application usmartphone tablet useGooglePlayMarket. Dropbox is installed on your computer. Now you are at work on your PC / laptop or user account folder of the same name. Drag the photo you want into it Post to Instagram.

Dropbox upload photos to Instagram

Upload photos to Instagram via Dropbox

After that, go to the cdropox, which is installed on the smartphone. To do this, open your Instagram select the desired photo. At the bottom of the display, click on the icon camera, then at the top click on the “Gallery”, and then “Other—”. Here you will see the Dropbox application, from which You can upload photos to instagram. So if very often you take a photo not on a smartphone, but on a camera, then with using cloud storage, you can always send photos from the computer to your gadget publish them to your favorite social network.

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