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In Instagram, adding History from the Gallery is possible only in that in case the user has prepared material for placement in advance. The duration of the clip should be no more than 15 seconds.

Going to the Stories section for the first time, the user will see pop-up message: “Allow access to repository. “Yes, you’ll be able to Add photos and videos from the Gallery. Unlike Ribbons, lay out The story on Instagram from the Gallery can be clearly limited time frame.

If this video is no more than 15 seconds. The photo will be on screen the viewer is also fifteen seconds, but the show can be stopped to zoom in on the picture.

It is possible to add Storis to Instagram from the Gallery:

  • via smartphone. Using the official application or browser version
  • through the computer. Browser Extensions and Utility for Windows

The size of images and videos published in Stories should match 1980 to 1080. At the same time, edit the placement material can be by clamping the picture around the edges. To user moving, downsizing, stretching and incline.

In addition to the standard way to add images, there is an option with the simultaneous placement of several elements. It concerns Only photos where up to ten pictures can fit on the canvas. To add not one photo, but several at once, iPhone owners can use the function: “Copy – Paste. “Android owners will have to install third-party keyboards.

How to download on iPhone

Add History from the Gallery on the iPhone is possible through the official Instagram application. The latest version must be installed, and also the technical requirements of the device – comply social network settings.

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How to do it:

  1. Download and install Instagram from the AppStore.
  2. Log in or create an account.
  3. Go to: “My page” – click on avatar.
  4. An inscription appears: “Allow access to repository “- Confirm.
  5. Make swipe up (pull the curtain from the bottom) – choose a picture from “Photographic films.
  6. Share with friends.

Adding photos taken a couple of days ago, in the middle image will display a date. Holding on the text, move down to the icon: “Trash”. So Thus, the user will clear the canvas of unnecessary elements.

If you add a long video from the Gallery – Instagram will break it into several parts. For example, a minute video will be divided by 15 seconds each. Published as a separate story, following the previous one. User can edit order or delete unnecessary items. You can speed up the video before publishing trim yourself so as not to lose important.

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Adding History from the Gallery on Android is as simple as on iOS The only difference is the “Film” section is a separate one. icon below. The second way to add Storis on Instagram from Galleries – use the browser format.

From the mobile version, only posting photos is available. how publish from browser:

  1. Go to Instagram through a browser – log in.
  2. Go to: “Ribbon” – click on the icon: “Camera”. Add Instagram Story from BrowserAdd Instagram Story from Browser
  3. Open Gallery – add a photo.
  4. Add story – post record. Complete Instagram StoryComplete Instagram Story

Unlike an application, you cannot edit dimensions in a browser and move the image. But functions are available: text, drawing and stickers. The list of the latter does not include stickers with actions: quiz, questions, chats and mentions.

Download video via phone only in mobile application. To do this, go to the Ribbon and click on the icon: “Camera”. Next – select a video from the Gallery and adjust the position on the canvas.

Possible errors and problems

Make Storys on Instagram from the Gallery is possible only with Internet connection. Problems arise when working through Mobile data and unstable connection. This list includes public access points.

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List of errors and problems loading Stories:

  • loading error. Low network speed or unstable connection;
  • technical problems inside Instagram;
  • The file exceeds the permissible size for publication;
  • The user has not updated the application.

If the post exceeds the permissible size – it can be squeeze. There are applications for this: Panda Video and Compressor. For pictures – specify other settings in any photo editor.

It’s possible to add History from the Gallery to Instagram through a computer. It is enough to install the extension: “Download from Instagram + download “or a computer application on Windows 10. Available Download via Bluetacks and Memu emulators. Unlike indicated ways, creates an image of a mobile device based on Android, where You can post videos and photos to History.

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