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The easiest way to make money on a blog on Instagram is advertising. Bloggers are looking for advertisers, and brands and businessmen are looking for accounts without cheating. How much is advertising for bloggers on Instagram and how to find out whether an account is wound or not? How to find and order advertising? Read on, this article will be useful as advertisers and Instagram bloggers.

You will learn:

  • how much is advertising for bloggers on Instagram
  • how to check the blogger for cheating (independently and through service)
  • how to find a blogger for advertising – through exchanges and directly

How much is an advertisement for bloggers on Instagram?

The price of advertising on Instagram is always at the discretion of the owner account. With the same number of subscribers, with the same statistics – the cost may vary significantly. Advertising in life-style blog “about life” you buy cheaper than a blog about business. But the audience will be different – both in interests and in solvency. Judge for yourself – find yourself a blog 100 000 teenagers are much cheaper for a blogger than even 10,000 Professional subscribers aged 25-35. therefore you need to compare advertising prices with bloggers from the same niche.

On average, advertising for bloggers costs from 1,000 rubles. for 10 000 subscribers in the account. The total cost of the come to you a subscriber starts from 2-5 rubles. (this is a very successful advertisement) and up to 10 (this is already expensive). These are the prices of lifestyle bloggers (zozh, fitness, cosmetics, style, travel, etc.) with youth the audience. They are the ones who most actively sell ads in their account and these blogs are suitable for goods and services, good for sale on Instagram – clothing, cosmetics, accessories, courses English etc.

If the blog has gorgeous statistics (read on how it to evaluate), but at the same time advertising is cheaper than the market (similar bloggers) – it means either too much advertising on the blog, or there is cheat. The guarantee is not 100%, but you should carefully check your account, at least in LiveDune, you can have three accounts for free, plus paid ones tariffs now a 15% discount on the grammar promo code – write to us if it does not work.

the price of advertising from bloggers on Instagram

What affects the price of advertising for bloggers, in addition to the number subscribers:

The purpose of advertising. Want to get subscribers for minimum price – consider at the cost of the subscriber. Sell ​​goods – you need to consider the value of the actual sale, not subscriber. Brand recognition – you need to count on coverage advertising post.

The number of blog ads. The more the more “tired” subscribers, the conversion will be lower.

Layout format. Blog Post Forever (more expensive) or for a day in stories (cheaper). Whether independently a blogger is preparing an advertisement or simply publishing your materials (photo, video, text). Pay attention to what advertising the blogger makes yourself on Instagram. Does he try to do it natively? advertising stories so that they do not want to scroll through? Perfectly you need to work together with a blogger – you give your wishes, he prepares ads in his own style. Less experience with advertising blogger, the more you need to control advertising.

How much is advertising on Instagram for bloggers

Audience loyalty. How a blogger builds relations with subscribers. Sometimes advertising in a small “cozy” blog is more effective than advertising for a star living a completely different life. Especially if your goal is sales. To whom they believe more, buy more willingly.

Blogger on Instagram without cheating – myth or reality?

All lie and around enemies. This attitude to bloggers advertisers who didn’t check the account for cheating before how to buy ads on Instagram. And despite the fact that now you can cheat not only subscribers, but absolutely any statistics for a small price, dishonest bloggers still you can calculate and find those whose ads will be effective.

How to check the blogger on Instagram:

  1. Testing using the LiveDune service (three can be free account, plus paid tariffs, now a 15% discount on the promotional code grammar – write to us if it does not work)
  2. Manual check.

Check Blogger for LiveDune Ads


You can check 3 bloggers for free. For paid rates now 15% discount on the grammar promo code. We recommend bloggers check your account if you sell ads in him. Data from these statistics can be given to advertisers as An additional guarantee of the reliability of the blog. Check and competitors – bloggers like you. In untwisted, you can see which most popular posts (by likes and comments).

order advertising from bloggers on Instagram

The advantage of checking the statistics service is all indicators counted for you, plus there is a comparison with the indicators of untwisted accounts. You can accurately understand whether there is a wrapping and whether the price of ordering an advertisement from a blogger on Instagram is justified.

Statistics from LiveDune that cannot be viewed manually:

  • dynamics of the set of likes (after the release of the post they come quickly, and after a couple of hours – slowly)
  • subscribers dynamics (pay attention to sharp jumps, unrelated to active advertising, give or hype content)

Advertising on Instagram without bloggers - price

Manual check of the blogger for advertising on Instagram

Instagram statistics most beloved by all – Reach and Engagement.

? Statistics on Instagram: how to make and see

Reach is the number of unique accounts viewed the publication. Impressions is the number of views which is always more coverage (one person can see publication several times).

Reach = 20-50% of subscribers, if they are not wound up. No blogger Coverage will be equal to the number subscribers. Instagram stories have more often less reach. 10-30%.

Estimated Post Coverage = Video Views x 2

Coverage of stories do not see on your own, request from blogger. Usually from 10-30% of subscribers are watching Instagram Stories.

Engagement – the sum of all “reactions” to publication (likes, reposts, saves, comments). If consider engagement in%, take it relative to coverage, not Impressions

Can a blog be cheated even if all statistics within normal limits? Yes! How to check:

  • Subscribe to a blogger. See how often he posts, how subscribers react, what kind of advertising comes out and how react to her. Sometimes it becomes purely intuitive, it’s clear whether cheating.
  • Look at the coverage and involvement of not one but several posts. If you received screenshots of statistics from blogger, then see that it shows you exactly the coverage (and not views) and not in a month, but in 7 days.
  • Ask for a screenshot of the statistics from geo if you are looking for a blogger with an audience from a specific city / country. Pay attention, is there a breakdown in%. how much do bloggers pay for advertising
  • Statistics will definitely be overstated at posts where the blogger additionally raised activity. For example, I asked “put + in comments, if you want more such posts, “arranged a liketime (“let’s bite each other”), suggested sending money to one from crawled last 6 posts, etc. All are effective ways to increase reach, which helps a blogger get into recommended more often and faster to advance. Those. such a blogger it’s quite possible to buy ads. Even necessary, this suggests that the blogger is actively engaged in promotion and works with the audience, and not just buying bots on an account. But to assess real coverage and engagement, look at regular posts without stimulation subscribers to additional activity. blogger’s
  • Manually see the list of subscribers and likes. Scroll 2-3 screen and pay attention to the names / avatars, go to “suspicious” in the accounts.
  • Have you heard about blogging chats? When a few people come together and help each other, comment on new posts. Actual for microbloggers (up to 10,000 subscribers). It is too working way to increase activity in your account. But he must give results – when real subscribers join the conversation, not only friends from the blogging party.

How to find a blogger and order advertising on Instagram

It’s worth looking for a “manually” blogger if you are well versed in what happening in your niche in social networks. You can know absolutely everything about your product / service, but don’t follow trends on Instagram and don’t Know which bloggers your potential customers love.

How to find a blogger yourself

  1. Search by hashtags. Go to the search and see posts from the top by hashtags, go to the accounts of the authors.
  2. Have you found or already know at least one major blogger in your niche? In his account, to the right of the “Subscribe” button, click the arrow. A list of recommended bloggers opens. These are those with similar subscribers. how to find a blogger for advertising on Instagram
  3. See the subscriptions of those bloggers whom you have already found. Often in they are similar bloggers.
  4. View your customers’ subscriptions. Manually is enough long, but can give good results.
  5. Select the appropriate bloggers (do not forget to check the cheat). Write to them in Yandex.Direct or at the contacts specified in the account description. Many popular bloggers have their own manager, whose account indicated in the description. Be sure to pay attention to this, if not want your message in Direct to remain unread.

Always write to a blogger or business-style manager. Contact to “you”, write “hello / thank you”, etc. For someone like that style is a matter of course, but for many bloggers familiarity in correspondence is a common reason to refuse advertising. Even if you are denied, thank and communicate respectfully. Perhaps in the future you can still buy ads from this blogger and you need to create a positive impression of communication.

How to find a blogger or advertiser on the stock exchange

how to find a blogger for advertising on the stock exchange

On the stock exchange you can find a blogger according to the specified parameters (number subscribers, price of advertising, etc.), and if you yourself want a blogger that will see how much they pay others for advertising in Instagram.

Usually off-exchange, most bloggers (especially microbloggers) work without contracts and an agreement with them only in words. At the same time, a 100% prepayment is almost always needed. And the exchange acts guarantor partner for both the blogger and advertiser.

The blogger will definitely receive payment if he completed the task (including if the advertiser has “disappeared” for more than 5 days). And the advertiser will be able to return the money if the blogger has not placed an advertisement, or made not on assignment / violated the deadlines. This removes most of the problems interfering with effective advertising from bloggers on Instagram.

Bloggers and advertising exchanges:

? labelup

? epicstars

Convenience for the advertiser – you can post your assignment, indicate requirements, budget. And choose from bloggers who responded, instead of manually looking for them contact and wait for someone to respond.

For a blogger – you can show yourself the maximum number of advertisers to respond to suggestions that suit you, rather than waste time negotiating conditions and budget, do not bargain.

Buy advertising from a blogger on Instagram - how much

Buying ads from a blogger on Instagram is always not as easy as start targeting. Especially Instagram itself constantly tells you, that your last post can be launched in promotion by pressing a couple buttons. And often that’s why the promoters choose precisely promotion through official advertising.

But the main advantage of bloggers is their loyal “warm” lecture hall. The main core of subscribers who love them and considered idols. Blogger ads don’t scroll as fast as a promoted post in the feed. Find the ones your watch potential clients. Trench on your favorite blogger looks better, than on the model you see for the first time. I want him more buy. I want to go to the same beauty salon, cafe, etc. Click or viewing from official advertising is not as valuable as from blogger. He’s more “hot” from a blogger, so he may have great value and cost more.

Ideally, try both official and blogger ads in Instagram. Use all available sources to get new subscribers and customers.

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