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AfterLight mobile editor will create a retro effect for photos on Instagram. One of the features is free content, including frames and textures. User can “age” snapshot in just a couple of clicks.

Application features

Compared to the rest, AfterLight stopped updating: it was paid subscription removed, and special filters disappeared. Wherein, the application remains one of the most popular and often used for creating the effect of antiquity.

The tools suggested:

  • standard editing settings. Light correction and shadows;
  • filters. Three different categories that suit both landscapes and selfies;
  • textures. Can be transferred to the picture and create the effect of the sun day, fire;
  • framework. Special borders for photos made in the video geometric shapes, letters and numbers.

AfterLight Instagram mobile appAfterLight Instagram mobile app

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The user has access to a free catalog, where can I get any of the editing tools. Of the disadvantages with which the user will be faced – the lack of a button Cancel or Back. Therefore, to remove the last changes, you need to return to the first filter or texture: “Original.”

The main advantage of the application is that there are no paid functions, except backgrounds on the frames. Backgrounds entered as optional and optional decoration objects. User can select specific color if it adds the original frame. As with filters, level The transparency of the frame can be edited and modified.

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Usefulness for Instagram

The user will not find regular updates, but earlier Uploaded ones will be useful for creating a retro style. Owner pages on Instagram can use editing elements not Only for aging, but also for easy handling.

A set of filters in AfterLight for InstagramA set of filters in AfterLight for Instagram

AfterLight provides standard editing tools. As in other similar applications, the user can adjust brightness and contrast settings.

This was the first application where a separate tinting, as a free feature. Separate tone – a function in which you can remove some shades and replace them by others. For example, make red the main color or add more pink.

Using “Scratches” and “Vignette” you can change the picture and make it sharper. Separately, the function “Sharpness” is highlighted. By increasing this parameter, the user may encounter Pixelization Unlike other editors, in Afterlight There is no automatic posting to social networks.

  • Download on Android.
  • Download on iPhone.

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