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The new design on Instagram appeared in the summer of 2019, but not all accounts have been updated so far. Problem with updates found on old pages with an “age” of more than two years.

Instagram update: new design

It was possible to change the profile view on Instagram with the new design, which is gradually being introduced and is already available on new application versions. Unlike the previous, changes have appeared not only in the design of the page, but also in the layout of the keys in the section “Settings”.

Moreover, the update appeared not only in the application, but also browser version from a smartphone.

Why the page did not refresh on some devices:

  • Instagram has not been updated. The application of the old version and you need it remove, replace with a new one;
  • the smartphone is outdated and no longer meets the requirements social network;
  • account “older” than two years;
  • local update not received due to regional features.

For example, European countries and the US are updating faster than rest. This is due to the fact that the official development of Instagram happens in those regions and new versions arrive faster more often.

If the smartphone is out of date – you need to check for updates for operating system. The device must receive new versions immediately after their release. But if this did not happen: either update manually, or install another firmware.

How to change Instagram design to a new one

There is only one way to change the design of social Networks – update the application. For this:

  1. Open Play Market or AppStore
  2. Enter in the search: “Instagram” – go to page applications.
  3. Click: “Update” – wait for the download to finish.

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Another upgrade option is to use a beta test. Such format is suitable for owners of devices based on Android, where The button “Start beta testing” is located under “Download attachment”.

  • Didn’t find an answer? Ask a question, we will prepare and send you an answer by e-mail
  • Powerful Instagram account upgrade

But after receiving a new Instagram view, the user may encounter with a number of other errors and problems. Due to the fact that beta testing are versions that have not yet been officially issued and offered for review.

The third way to get a new design is to remove and install Instagram by setting the VPN settings. Suitable for users who They want to get new versions faster:

  1. Download and install any available VPN in the Play Market or AppStore.
  2. Select a country to connect to the United States. VPN settings for InstagramVPN settings for Instagram
  3. Go to device settings – Wireless connection. VPN parameters on Android for InstagramVPN parameters on Android for Instagram
  4. VPN – indicate constantly active mode.

Next – you need to remove Instagram from the phone, restart smartphone and reinstall. Depending on the chosen VPN, Download speed may be lower.

How to leave the old profile design

To return to the previous settings, the user will need old version of social network. This format can be downloaded from our site and install on smartphones without Android. IPhone Owners they cannot roll back versions without JailBreak.

How to take advantage of previous versions and remove a new look Instagram profile:

  1. Uninstall a previously installed version of Instagram.
  2. Download the old version of Instagram from our site– go to “Settings” in the smartphone.
  3. Select: “Security” – Unknown sources.
  4. Move switch to state “Active.”
  5. Open the downloaded Instagram file – click: Install.
  6. Wait for the end of the process – open.

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But with older versions, as with beta testing, they can having problems. They are not updated and often incorrectly. connect to the network. Moreover, this solution is not always affects the design of the page. Restore previous design if the user has already been updated – it’s impossible, only the installation of the old one will help version.

Comparison of old and new design on Instagram

The previous design was different buttons “Call”, “Send message”, as well as an avatar and full description. In the new version, the description has been trimmed, that is, read completely by the button: “Open description”. Also changed the position of the avatar – in the test update she was on the right side. An example of page layout on InstagramAn example of page layout on Instagram

There is a partial design change: the main photo on the left, but Description and buttons – changed.

List of main design differences:

  • main photo. On the right side of the screen or left;
  • description. Abbreviated with the “More” button. In some versions, under the description there are buttons: “Subscriptions” and “Subscribers”;
  • communication buttons. The format has changed – highlighted separately in the section “Description”.

The appearance of the page depends on updates, mobile device and operating system. IPhone owners get a new one version than Android.

The new design on Instagram is conveniently located keys. The only drawback that was in the test design – lack of columns with the number of publications. Besides, Scrolling Ribbons has changed: by going to one post, the user no need to go back to open the next entry. All publications are scrolled through a “list”, rather than individual tiles.

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