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How to promote Instagram yourself? And is it possible at all? Can! The most popular Instagram promotion methods on 2017 will be highlighted by Victoria Grishkevich, the author of the course “vocational school of Fine Arts Bloggers, installer of beautiful texts @text_it_easy. Vika kindly I agreed to publish one of her articles on the course on our website. We give the floor to her.

Since our college is a blogging school, it’s a sin not to talk about promotion on Instagram. We will learn this difficult matter, discuss, share experiences, suggest and collaborate. Start with why do we need this damn promotion, and ̶ ̶б̶е̶з̶ ̶н̶е̶г̶о̶ ̶Ж̶и̶л̶о̶с̶ь̶ ̶н̶е̶п̶л̶о̶х̶о̶.

While we write texts for ourselves, we do not need it. But as soon as we went public‍, that is, began to publish our texts (albeit in social networks), it’s important for us to get a reaction to our efforts ст. it inherent in human nature, ̶ж̶а̶ж̶д̶а̶ ̶с̶л̶а̶в̶ы̶ ̶и̶ ̶Н̶а̶ж̶и̶в̶ы̶. And it’s also vital for business if you have something selling or going to sell (things, services, knowledge). Than the more readers, the more potential customers.

So here is how to attract them? How to lure to your page and make subscribe? ̶П̶р̶и̶в̶о̶р̶о̶т̶? ̶ ̶Г̶и̶п̶н̶о̶з̶? ̶ If in short: you should be seen and other accounts should write about you. How to achieve this?

Recall the main ways of PR on Instagram:

Massfollowing and Mass Liking

Like and subscribe to our potential readers, that is, your target audience of Central Asia (subscribers for whom Your blog is interesting, a portrait of your average reader / buyer). They see it and sign in response if You are interesting to them. For these purposes, there are automated programs (unsubscribed) for mass follow and mass link, but you can manually. A little soulless way to promote on Instagram.


We write interesting, useful, funny, competent comments to other people’s posts. Effectively do it under the posts of large bloggers, publics, people with whose views you intersect. Comments should be as sincere as possible (you want to write and eat what to say).

Commenting on Instagram

Do not openly advertise yourself or write negative. If addressing a person, spend a couple of seconds and examine his hat (as he wrote his name, please contact, remember the names of the children and age, his city, occupation). Write so that you yourself I’d like to go to my profile and see “who is this I wrote it. ”

Marathons (games, quests, workshops, courses, challenges, etc., a lot of names)

The organizer announces a marathon on the topic in which he is strong, prepares assignments, seeks sponsors for prizes, tracks participants, communicates with judges (if any) and awards gifts. Good ones marathons, where the organizer himself also participates and publishes his reports. Participation in someone else’s marathon can also be effective. if you are interested in it.

Instagram Marathons


A one-time and relatively short-lived event with a clear the boundary in time during which you need to lay out your work on the topic and wait for the judges to award prizes. Contests bring many new subscribers to their organizers. But as with marathons, it takes a lot of time to organize. Plus contest must “shoot.”

Practical Jokes / Giveaway (Giva)

A very popular topic on modern Instagram. Because the raffles with reposts in 2017 go out of date (people are too lazy to do repost or do not want to spoil your profile with other people’s pictures), on they are replaced by fresh ideas. Draw “mark girlfriend in comments and get a subscription prize,

Drawings on Instagram

drawing valuable prizes for subscriptions (when several bloggers “fold” to the prize) and other similar ones.

Giva on Instagram

Reciprocal PR (VP)

Bloggers talk about each other, praise or write something interesting, useful about each other. Most often with a run over time not to be caught in it (they say, so more trust, that it is true). Agree personally in correspondence, previously send texts, discuss the nuances, and then exchange the audience, who will come to read them.

Mutual PR on Instagram


From English shout for shout – scream for scream, that is, tell about to me, and I will tell about you, a person announces an SFS, writes the conditions (subscribe, post his photo, talk about it on his page, write something in the comment), stipulates the deadline, and then selects several from the profiles he likes and talks about them at home.

SFS on Instagram

Public Article

Publishing expert (or entertaining, but with useful bias) articles on a popular blog on any subject like author. It is important to correctly determine your target audience so that the return on such Articles was maximum. Agree on it in the Direct or mail, if indicated.

Article on Instagram

Question / answer or test / result game

One blogger posts a question on an exciting topic or test on something and gives a link to the second, which (previously about this agreeing, of course) writes a post with the answer at the same time or test results. The one responsible for the results should understand the topic of your question or test.

These are the main ways of promoting in 2017 known in Instagram for active live profiles. Remember that as if active You didn’t PR on other people’s pages, the first thing – anyway upload beautiful, catchy photos and interesting, competent signatures to them. Whether it’s a personal blog, a store or a public, people pay attention to the quality of the content of the account. And even if you pay for advertising with a hundred-thousandth blogger, but you don’t would subscribe, do not wait for miracles and thousands of subscribers.

Develop in life, grow in reality, sincerely be interested in others, communicate – and your blog will grow with You!

Your prep Victoria Grishkevich, vocational school of graceful bloggers @text_it_easy.

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