Am I right on my Instagram?


I often get a question from readers Telegram channel: am I conducting my Instagram? Oh how I love these philosophical considerations from “Who are the judges?” series, you would know! So I will write what I think on this account:

Judges – only you

Even the cool smsmshchiki and marketers are only consultants, though, Of course, professional advice is usually sensible.

You need to compare only with yourself

More precisely, with the status of the Instagram account earlier: a month ago, half a year, year, etc.

It’s necessary to study competitors and reflect on their content, but comparing yourself to them is a waste of time, since you definitely don’t can know all the nuances of working in a competitive account. Yes and you or your product is different in any case, not a copy of a competitor.

The main criterion is development

Therefore, if you have a growing number of live subscribers, reach, likes (mainly for bloggers) or your sales are growing (this is for online stores), so you are maintaining your Instagram account right!

I think it should be judged. But that doesn’t mean that I need 100% listen. ?

James Walls

Social Media Specialist & Influencer.

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