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Massluxing has become one of the successful ways to promote your services and profile. Unlike massliking, the new system built with the attention of the page owner. Massulking in Instagram is available through applications.

What is massluxing and how does it work

A massive view of Instagram Stories draws attention owner of the profile, through impressions in the “Spectators”. To see other people’s Stories, use applications, as well as Search by hashtags and geotags.

What effect is achieved:

  • search for the target audience by attracting attention;
  • selection of thematic pages. The system automatically searches bloggers who post on certain hashtags.

Unlike the same likes, other actions affect the massage. rules and limits. But comparing likes and massage is a new option PR is easier to implement and allows you to view up to one million users a day. As with every system, there is their mistakes and loss of growth over time.

MassBooking works through applications or third-party services. Though they first talked about him in 2017, only a year later they began to appear tools with automatic viewing of stories.

Typically, applications include such functions:

  • selection of the number of users whose stories will be Viewed
  • Search by hashtags and geotags;
  • audience size. Rarely encountered, but works for pages with small coverage.

Common Errors When Setting Up Masluxing – Wrong matched audience and hashtags. That is, in the section Spectators, the owner of a small blog, may meet users with two million subscribers or just large communities. In this case, the potential subscriber may respond, interested in someone else’s page.

But if they are owners of large pages, then they do not pay attention to such visitors, as they physically cannot View all visitors.

With all the shortcomings, mass-hunting remains one of the most popular and effective means of promotion. Unlike bulk subscription, the page is not cluttered with unnecessary contacts, and Instagram more loyal to views.

PromoFlow mass view app

The latest update to the PromoFlow app has a feature automatic browsing stories.

Viewing functions are available according to certain criteria:

  • by hashtag. Selection of users who indicated a tag in the description pages or posted a post with the same request;
  • by geolocation. Search for pages where the same appears more often geolocation;
  • by subscribers and subscriptions. List of users to which the user is subscribed or those who subscribed;
  • for certain accounts in the database.

There are separate parameters for each section: time on “rest”, publication date of the publication with the tag, re-interval launch, other people’s subscribers, filters.

The last section includes settings: gender and age, availability avatars, number of subscribers, business or personal profiles, black list.

Instructions on how to use the free app for Instagram masslogging:

  1. Download and install PromoFlow.
  2. Connect your Google account and Instagram. Tasks in PromoFlow for InstagramTasks in PromoFlow for Instagram
  3. Click below: “Tasks” – yellow button “+” below.
  4. Browse Stories – choose the type you want audience. View Storis task in Promoflow InstagramView Storis task in Promoflow Instagram
  5. To run.
  • Didn’t find an answer? Ask a question, we will prepare and send you an answer by e-mail
  • Powerful Instagram account upgrade

By specifying an automatic repeat of the task, the user is not will have to constantly return to the application to recover process. But for each profile viewed, one point is removed. Them can be obtained by viewing ads or paying through a bank a map.

Initially, the user gets 100 points, which can spend on auto-posting, views, likes or subscribers.

If an error occurs while viewing – the application will notify page owner. Runs in the background and shows in line notifications. By clicking on the task, the user will see the amount profiles viewed and job completion status. At If necessary, execution can be left and restored again, with previously specified parameters.

-> Все способы монетизации Инстаграм аккаунта

Likefinity Service specializes in mass technology. view Instagram stories. Service does not limit the daily limit to view stories, the self-learning algorithm is responsible for this, thanks to which the account reaches maximum speed views, which the profile allows you to type Instagram.

The service has a trial period and a 50% discount for payment during test.

There is an opportunity to use the service for up to a month free on assignments. In addition to free use affiliate program is automatically connected, allowing earn up to 20% from each referral payment.

How to start an account in work:

  1. Register in the service and add your account. adding a massageluck affinity accountadding a massageluck affinity account
  2. Click add source, enter account name and add him to work. (Results and speed depend on the quality of the source, testing various sources is recommended). adding a massageluck affinity accountadding a massageluck affinity account
  3. Start mass-hunting.
  4. Get results already during the test. statistics 1 daystatistics 1 day

Convenient mobile version. Service works in automatic mode, all you need: add multiple sources and start work. The best tactic for your account is the lack of advertising description, so your account will go more visitors.

Tooligram service for massluxing

Service for promoting Tooligram profiles is considered only half paid. That is, users are offered free services for seven days. For the first promotion try The functionality is possible according to various settings, including mass-hunting.

Settings for viewing Stories:

  • by competitor. Add a link to a profile with the same number of subscribers or topics;
  • by competitor’s likes. List of users who like most often;
  • by commentators. Recent subscribers publications;
  • by the list. Choosing a database with a pre-prepared list accounts.

Browse by hashtags and geotags is also available. On free version you can start the process for a limited number accounts. During the first seven days, the user will be available functions for automatic mass-hunting.

Instructions on how to create a task:

  1. Go to Tooligram service – create an account.
  2. Add account from Instagram – confirm entrance. Getting subscribers to Tuligram for InstagramGetting subscribers to Tuligram for Instagram
  3. Click: “Receive Subscribers” – View Stories.
  4. Choose an option for masluxing. The new Tories Stories assignment for InstagramThe new Tories Stories assignment for Instagram
  5. Run the task.

It is recommended to set one task for one day, with an interval of A couple of minutes. At the same time, connect blank pages to the massage Not recommended. The problem is that Instagram recognizes profiles such as potentially dangerous or fake.

After launch, progress and opportunity become available disable the task. The service does not need to be downloaded to a computer or wait for the end with the tab open. Tooligram will execute task, without user intervention. It only remains to return to turn off viewing of stories in time.

-> Правила красивой раскладки фото в Инстаграм

Free TFLOP service for massluxing

Services for mass viewing of stories on Instagram are made by exchange system. That is, it’s a manual view of Stories strangers with receiving points or other awards in the service. In exchange for TFLOP not owners of private pages can participate, as well as view other people’s records.

How to use the free viewing service:

  1. Go to Insta.TFLOP website.
  2. Log in using data from Instagram.
  3. Go to the menu, in the “Views” category – connect your profile.
  4. Go to other pages and watch Stories. TFLOP for InstagramTFLOP for Instagram
  5. Order with points “Advertising”, indicating link to account.

In this case, there is no automatic browsing by tags or selected audience. The method is suitable for finding an audience or thematic blogs, as well as the initial page promotion.

When working with the service, you must have at least 12 publications, to access advertising and earning coins. If the owner pages collected enough coins, he can exchange them to receive followers, likes or views.

In the latter case, the service will automatically add visitors and viewers. The page owner only needs to run the task and maximum number of views.

The service will leave work if there are not enough points on the account. Also, coins can be bought by going to the “Shop” section. Unlike other services, Insta.TFLOP has no limits and timing for viewing, so the user must monitor the number of wound views.

Account Security and Limits

If there are restrictions on likes and subscriptions, then on views They are not here. Up to one million records and only then are restrictions possible.

Masslogging on Storis Instagram has a minimal setup and does not require careful selection of the audience. For pages with a small Reach recommended to “advertise” profiles in small communities and blogs.

But when setting the time between mass hunting, it’s better to use such recommendations:

  • no more than 100 profiles in 60 minutes;
  • less than 1000 accounts per day;
  • Do not perform any additional actions.

That is, if the Stories auto view is set to the same day you can not do a mass subscription, newsletter or use any other promotion methods. Instagram is following every user action, therefore hashtags and locations for viewing is also worth changing throughout the day.

Over the week, the number of subscribers and likes will increase, therefore, you need to observe the statistics. With successful promotion, in one day, the arrival of new visitors – from 200 people, with one thousands.

It is not recommended to select large blogs, as well as give away preference for too small pages. Massulking does not work on closed profiles, during the search for the intended audience they will be excluded.

Applications and services for masslogging on Instagram do not yet have extensive functionality. Therefore, all actions related to the search active audience, depend only on the owner of the page.

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