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Guests on InstagramIf you came to this page, it means you are wondering who comes to your Instagram page. IN you will not find such information in the official application, however there are many other phone programs offering this a feature that is easy to find in app stores. Usually they called “Guests on Instagram”, “My secret admirers”, “Who watched my Instagram “,” InstaVisit “, etc. and offer to see list of users who were in your account, often not for free, but for real money.

By the way, there are often a lot of such applications on Google Play negative reviews. And it is true! Remember to watch Guests on Instagram are not allowed! No third party services will not be able to do this, since this function is not in Instagram itself!

But what do they show all the same?

And they show a list of users who somehow showed activity to your profile: like, watch a video or story, left comments for publication. All this can be done on going into your profile. Subscribed to you people will see publications and stories from you in your stream, and unsigned can find them on tab “Recommendations” and do not even log into your account!

So such applications are not shown by guests and not fans, and most often not what you want, and even not is free. This is so sad, but true. Although, of course, it’s possible that fans watch your publications through recommendations, not subscribing to you.

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