At what age can I register at Instagram?


From what age can I register on Instagram

For a long time, Instagram did not ask the age at registration.

Therefore, use the social. network could users of any ages.

But from December 4, 2019, everything has changed.

At what age can I register on Instagram?

New rules: Instagram introduced age restrictions 13+

The restrictions are related to child protection law.

In the process of registering an account on Instagram, the user must fill in the column with the date of birth.

Instagram age restrictionsInstagram age restrictions

  • If the user is under 13 years old, then he will not be able to lead account in social Networks
  • If Instagram is tied to Facebook, then age is set automatically.

And if the account is created before the new rules?

Instagram recommends that parents show their child how to remove account

Otherwise, the account will be deleted due to complaints. users.

For this you need to inform Instagram about the user who has not reached 13 years old.

The complaint can be sent here:

instagram from what ageinstagram from what age

  • Experts will conduct an objective assessment of the user’s age, if it becomes inconsistent with the new rules, the account will be deleted forever and ever.

Should I keep my child’s account? Will he be removed too?

Will not be deleted if this is mentioned in the profile.

You must write that the account is managed by the parent or manager in the “About” item in the profile settings.

Open the profile, near the avatar, tap “Edit profile. “Find and fill out the” About Me “item.

Video lesson on the age of registration at Instagram.

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