Autumn Blog Post Ideas


Content plan must be written in advance so that subscribers do not forget about you, even if the autumn blues attacked and inspiration flew away wintering in Thailand. So here are your ideas for fall posts:

  1. Make a flatlay with a coffee mug, a blanket and autumn leaves
  2. Autumn Shopping List
  3. Autumn onion (look)
  4. Buy and decorate a pumpkin for Halloween, ask if it is celebrated subscribers
  5. Cook something delicious from a pumpkin and share the recipe
  6. Tell me what happened to you in the fall.
  7. Take an autumn photo in your city and ask subscribers what they most like in their city in the fall
  8. Share what activities your city has in the fall
  9. Write a wish list / goals for the fall
  10. What do you love / don’t like autumn for?
  11. Talk about celebrities born in the fall
  12. Autumn Music Playlist
  13. What is your favorite tea / coffee?
  14. Favorite coffee shop in the city
  15. Favorite Autumn Recipe
  16. Try to make mulled wine
  17. Home Workout Ideas
  18. Tell me about your one day
  19. List of books for the fall
  20. Favorite series
  21. Interesting movies that go to the movies now
  22. The most interesting thing that remembers the summer and what will be lacking in the fall
  23. How do you prepare for the new year
  24. How was your weekend
  25. Interesting events in the city (concerts, exhibitions, city holidays)
  26. Book / Movie Review
  27. Post an old photo and share memories of school / university
  28. Tell us about new hobbies.
  29. New Bloggers You Followed
  30. Results of the last month: achievements and failures.

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