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A skater from Canada just radiates positive, energy, youth! It was visible from the first days after her birth and therefore parents gave her such a warm spring name Avril. She doesn’t stop radiating positive energy from birth to the present. Avril Lavigne Instagram photo

Surprisingly, no matter what they say about “production projects,” the girl received her first contract easily precisely because it did not have to be redone. The image of an extreme skater who sings about teenage love to the roar of a guitar, and so perfectly laid down on the singer. She just needed to remain herself.

The first album, made precisely on this principle, was super hit in 2002. Action Complicated, Sk8er Boi and Ballad I’m With You have become mega hits and remain so to this day. Subsequent albums were no longer so explosive, however the image “rock-nyashki” stays with her, and her shows and new albums also follow this idea. Recently, it has more reminiscent of the “fatal eroticism, however, tattoos, electric guitars and the lyrics are still here.

In addition to musical creativity, he starred in movies, participates in the creation and release of their own comics, releases own clothing line and even a line of electric guitars.

Avril Lavigne Instagram

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Instagram Avril Lavigne

Hot blonde in rocker gear and guitar, sometimes on photos, sometimes drawn in a comic style. Though under thirty, she adheres to the same style, close to teens. An avalanche page is filled with her self-expression in the “instant photo” genre.

It’s easy to find the singer’s page, she lives at @avrillavigne. We hope you remember how her name is spelled in the original. Now the Canadian nyashka already has about one million two hundred thousand subscribers. She constantly updates and pleases her fans taking pictures from concerts, with relaxation (in bold swimsuit) and magazine covers. Pays much attention fan art, often posting fan art about it. Sometimes they are incredibly expressive. If you liked her page – then be sure to check out Jared Leto’s Instagram.

From time to time, singers may forget about their photo blog and not post there for weeks. However, in the end he returns. And again you are waiting for pictures from stadium concerts, funny relaxation, photo sessions in the “nice” HelloKitty style and all that aesthetics. By the way, judging by the abundance of a cat’s face and accessories, it is clearly advertises this “trick”, and not just.

Interestingly, although many people have subscribed to Avril, she reads only one page. Of course, this is not Beyoncé, subscribed to zero people, but still.

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