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Blacklist is the section of blocked pages in Instagram. IN spam senders as well as annoying interlocutors. Account holder can add to list with private messages, comments or by going to someone else’s profile. You can view the blacklist on Instagram via page settings.

How to watch the emergency

Finding a blacklist on Instagram is not easy: the function is hidden in Settings section – Privacy and Security. Among available sections “Blocked accounts”.

The owner of the page from the emergency will not be able to:

  • View History and publications;
  • send notifications from a comment. Noting the specified user will not receive alerts;
  • add to friends and view the list of subscriptions.

Blocked Instagram accountsBlocked Instagram accounts

The user who blocked, instead of the inscription “Subscribe” will display “Unblock”.

View blocked user posts also will work out. This profile will display: “Not yet publications. ”

Black list in Instagram to look at the computer will turn out only through extensions that open the full functionality of social network.

To open from the phone:

  1. Log in to Instagram.
  2. Go to the Settings menu – Privacy and security. Blocked Instagram accounts sectionBlocked Instagram accounts section
  3. Blocked pages – a list appears.
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In this section, you cannot perform any actions except transition to the specified profiles. Remove from blacklist in You can instagram on the page of another user. Other actions like quick unlock are not available.

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How to remove from the black list

Pull other users from the blacklist on Instagram possible at any time. In order not to use the lock in the future, it’s enough to correctly configure access to comments, answers, and also filters for specific content.

Use a filter or set options confidentiality:

  1. Settings – Privacy and security.
  2. Manage comments – checkmark to “Hide abusive comments.” Comment filters on InstagramComment filters on Instagram
  3. Indicate from whom you can receive answers and notifications.

Manual filters are also available to users, where you can specify words and phrases that will not be shown when viewing the Ribbon and responses to publications.

You can remove from an emergency only from the phone:

  1. Go back to “Blocked accounts” – click on the profile of the user you want unlock. Unblock Instagram accountUnblock Instagram account
  2. Click the unblock button that appears and update the current one. page.

There will be publications and stories, the ability to subscribe. If the lock was mutual – the content in the profile will not be displayed.

Add to blacklist Instagram

Having figured out where the blacklist is on Instagram, you can hide your data from unwanted visitors. There are several forms locks: temporary and complete. First format Stories and notifications that will not appear. At of this, see publications and like it is available. Full blocking is possible through the columns “Block” and “Report” with additional parameters.

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To add to the Instagram Blacklist:

  1. Go to the desired page. Block on InstagramBlock on Instagram
  2. Select three points in the upper right corner – To block.

There is also a section “Hide my Stories”. This is a partial lock that disables the viewing of relevant Stories on a specific profile, broadcast notifications.

A blocked member will not see the updated badge Stories, and going through the profile picture – a section with temporary photos is not will appear.

To block via Complain:

  1. Open someone else’s profile – three dots on top.
  2. Report Abuse – This is spam.

The application will automatically bring the user to the emergency. You can unblock with the button “Open profile” and Unlock. The official community recalls that you can block at any time.

Account holders can view the blacklist in Instagram, edit and add new users. At In this case, the blocked person will not receive notifications, but will only understand the lack of entries on the page. It happens that when blocking a stranger the page just does not load.

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