Blog Ideas for Bloggers in Winter


Have you made a content plan for the winter months? Since December already you can nostalgic and summarize all kinds of results of the year, and in January to talk about plans for 2020 and post photos from the holidays. But in case you finally drown your smartphone in the ocean or jacuzzi (well, or in the hole, at worst), you need to take care and prepare posts in advance.

Blog Ideas for Bloggers in Winter

  1. Summing up the year: what happened, what not
  2. Next year goals
  3. The most memorable events of this year
  4. Favorite movie / TV series of the year
  5. List of movies / TV shows for next year
  6. Winter playlist (+ ask subscribers what they listen to)
  7. What have you learned this year
  8. How has your Instagram changed over the year
  9. Top Instagram Blogs This Year
  10. Favorite food / drink in winter
  11. How do you eat in winter
  12. Favorite winter locations for a photo, take a photo with a falling in the snow
  13. Winter make-up
  14. Winter skin care products
  15. Favorite winter look
  16. Where is the most beautiful city tree for photo with effect flicker?
  17. Winter shopping – where you can grab a cool jacket / coat and etc. Ask for recommendations from subscribers
  18. Cafe in the city with the best tea / coffee / mulled wine
  19. Tell us about yourself (post, always up to date)
  20. What posts did you have the most popular posts for the year?
  21. Travel – where do you want / recommend going in winter?
  22. What gifts do you like to give / receive for the New Year and why?
  23. Tell us about your “strangeness.”
  24. What do you like / don’t like winter for?
  25. Remember last winter and repost the most popular fasting
  26. Winter Fun List
  27. What was the most interesting thing that happened to you in the winter?
  28. How do you deal with winter depression?
  29. How did you decorate your apartment for the holidays?
  30. Tell subscribers where you want to go to winter holidays
  31. Which of your favorite stars (actors, musicians, writers or bloggers) winter birthday? Tell us about them.

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