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Back in 1999, we first heard about the beautiful Britney. Her first song “Baby One More Time” immediately became a hit and helped the singer to receive world fame. But it didn’t turn out an unexpected find since Britney has already taken part in Disney show “Mickey Mouse Club” and so many have heard of not at first.

Born 2 December 1981 at 18 world pop star. Her image, lyrics and the sound of the songs were designed for teenagers, and they took Britney with a bang. Hits released in packs, albums diverged in millions. For her the repertoire was answered by the famous Swedish producers Max Martin and Dennis Pop, and after – equally famous American authors.

Alas, managing Britney’s sudden fame was not easy. ABOUT the breakdowns, binges and problems with drugs at the star wrote the whole press of the world. She started random novels, got into accidents and courts, in in general, living a life not so much a pop star as rock and roll.

Now Britney Spears is the mother of two children, she is dating attorney David Lucado, releases thoughtful pop albums with American producers and co-authors, has a name line perfumes and works on memoirs. Calmed down? How to know …

Britney Spears on Instagram






Although Britney long ago got rid of the “doll” image of singing Barbie, her lifestyle is still brilliant. On your Instagram Britney Spears lays backstage photo shoots, professional studio portraits and home sketches with sons, covers magazines with you, darling, and your own discs. Periodically quite provocative photos appear, but up to Instagram level Lady Gaga is still far away.

Britney’s page is located at @britneyspears obvious address. Today, the pop idol has about three million subscribers who actively discussing her photographs. Britney doesn’t do that often Instagram posts – once every two to three days, or even less. But these the photos really look very personal, informal, they help readers feel the touch of a star’s life outside the scene.

At thirty-two, we must pay tribute, Britney looks where more attractive than eighteen. She often spreads fairly candid photos that may be advertising linen or just beach sketches from resorts. Also britney Spears on Instagram pays great attention to advertising. She promotes your perfume line, your concerts and new projects from others areas.

Account: @britneyspears

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