Can I see who came to my page on Instagram?


Are guests visible on InstagramMany users just registered in the application Instagram, the question is: is it visible that I went to page to any user? If so, where is it possible look?

In the domestic social. classmates networks for such people even There is a separate concept – guests. IN Instagram, however, has no such concept, because You can’t see who was in your profile. No way. Therefore, with firm confidence, we can 100% say that guests are not visible on Instagram. Even no third-party application, using the instagram API will not give you such information. So that you sleep peacefully, or rather walk calmly through the accounts of others, but such interesting people (if they are, of course, open).

However, if you like the post, you can to assume that you went to a person. But, if you are subscribed to him, and this is very unlikely, because you could see the photo or a video in your stream, and from there like it.

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